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When I hear #MCM, my first instinct is to think about how attractive the subject is, which is what has made me hesitant about writing this piece. Let me say this now—I most certainly find Matthew Healy of The 1975, herein referred to as Matty, extremely (I’m talking extremely) attractive, but I don’t want this article to be about that.

Not that being attractive isn’t a great quality to have, but it is very much a face value determination of someone’s worth. Instead, this piece is about Matty’s more important traits. Honestly, the most attractive thing about him is who is as an artist and as a person. Here are the top 5 reasons Matty Healy is my #MCM.

1. He’s got a sense of humor.

matty healy love me video interview
One of my favorite things about Matty is how funny he can be. He’s not afraid to joke around even if it is a bit offensive, and he has a good time while doing it. He’s a quirky guy with a great wit about him, and he lets it show through his sense of humor. Matty manages to take himself seriously without taking himself too seriously. Case in point: he effortlessly pulls of the undertone of satire with his ‘jokingly/not jokingly/but also somewhat jokingly…’ character portrayal in The 1975’s video for “Love Me.”

2. He’s all about connecting with fans.

At concerts, Matty isn’t afraid to tell fans to put their phones away. He’s all about existing in the moment and not experiencing things through a small screen, as we so often do nowadays. One of the best moments of my most recent The 1975 concert (you can read about it over here) was when Matty told us to “pretend it’s the ’90s and you don’t have phones… just live in the moment.”

3. He writes from the heart, not for the glory.

“For me as soon as I’m genuinely affected by something, I have to put it in a song to give it context. Moments like that benefit the art, which benefit you as a person…” If you take one look at the lyrics of any of The 1975’s songs, you’ll see how emotionally charged and raw they really are. Matty’s lyrics come from a place that is nothing but personal and honest. Each album is a representation of a time in his life, and he doesn’t hold back in order to paint a pretty picture. Instead skewing reality with a rosy view, he cuts to the point with the visceral truth.

4. He doesn’t hold back.

Just as he does in his lyrics, Matty is pretty up front and honest when it comes to interviews. Most celebrities mentally script themselves in interviews to make sure they only say things that will support their desired image. Not Matty. He’s not concerned with aligning to a persona or fitting into an acceptable mold. He’s just himself and he doesn’t hold back. Whether it’s glamorous or gritty, commonplace or taboo, flattering or not, Matty keeps it real. It’s pretty refreshing.

Along those lines, he doesn’t hold back on pointing out the absurdities in today’s world. Pulling a bit of that humor and satire in, he’s pretty candid about the ridiculousness of internet culture. He even sort of alludes to it in “Love Me” and in “Change of Heart,” with lyrics like “you said I’m full of diseases, your eyes were full of regret, then you took a picture of your salad and put it on the internet.” Even his tweet about boys and crappy coffee is him throwing shade at something that circled around the internet. You won’t get formal niceties from Matty—instead, you’ll get a peak into his thoughts sans filter or pre-screen.

matty healy twitter Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.01.47 PM

5. He blurs the lines of art, music, visual aesthetics, fashion and pop-culture, without placing labels on it all. 

Matty has talked at length about how his artistry weaves into everything from his music, to his band’s visual aesthetic (both on-stage and off), to his androgynous fashion (hello makeup!) and more. To Matty, labels are a distraction. Art is art and music is music, regardless of the genres assigned to it. If he likes a look, he goes with it. His quest for truth and excellence needn’t be limited to or guided by the labels our society places on everything. Again, quite refreshing.

I love Matty. He’s an amazing human being—very smart, very talented, and not afraid to be himself. If you haven’t yet checked out Matty’s band The 1975, you should probably stop everything you’re doing and do so right now. Seriously. Close this tab and go. If you’re as in love with The 1975 as we are here at Trendom, check back soon for more articles on their upcoming album and tour!


Bonus clip: Here’s a throw back to when Matty was on the BBC Radio One Breakfast Show and played Call or Delete with Nick Grimshaw.
Even though this video is 4 1/2 minutes long (it’s all audio), its well worth the listen. It’s hilarious. Enjoy!

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