#MCM: Harry Styles

Let’s be honest—this week’s #MCM reigns over our hearts every day of the week, every hour of the day. Today, we’re dedicating our Man Crush Monday post to him as a special birthday tribute. That’s right, Harry Styles turns 22 today and we’ve shut down the Trendom offices to celebrate all things Hazzah!


Sure, our first instincts are to freak out and want to keep this precious little nugget safe from the dangers of growing old…

But to be honest, we couldn’t be happier to see this lad turn another year older. That boy we first met on X-Factor has truly grown into a full-fledged man.


And it’s not just his flowing wavy locks, his long lashes, his pristine smile (those dimples!), his sultry voice, his rockstar stage presence, or his impeccable fashion sense that makes Harry so… well, Harry. It may sound gushy, but it’s Harry’s heart that makes him our ultimate crush.


Harry has been an active supporter of many causes, most often advocating for equality and acceptance and a healthy, peaceful world. His trademark “All the love .x” speaks to the heart that he puts into the world and the people around him.



From the larger gestures, all the way down to the small, every day things he does, Harry shows compassion to all fellow humans. From the dedicated fans to the dedicated haters, he treats them all with kindness.





As a member of the biggest boy band in the world, you’d think the four letter word (fame) would get to his head, but time and time again Harry proves that it’s possible to remain grounded despite the enormous weight he pulls as a public figure.


Now, we’re not calling him a saint, but it’s safe to say he’s a down to earth, genuine, nice guy—not something you see from many celebrities these days.



So here’s to you, Harry. The summertime and butterflies truly do belong to your creation. Happy Birthday, with love, from Trendom.



*art credit to Roxie

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