#MCM: Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend

When I was in high school, a cool, older friend turned me on to listening to a new band called Vampire Weekend. Their sound was something different, but something I enjoyed a lot right from the start. It wasn’t until a few years later that I really got into their music fully and I started learning more about the band (as one does when fangirling). This week, we wanted to highlight Ezra Koenig, frontman of Vampire Weekend, as our #MCM for some obvious and maybe no-so-obvious reasons. Here’s the best reasons Ezra Koenig should be your #MCM too.

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1. He’s done the “average guy” thing.
Before Vampire Weekend, Ezra Koenig was just your average guy, working a 9-to-5 job like the rest of us. While he only did this for about a year after graduating college, he still went through the process of a more “normal” life pre-fame.

2. He’s extremely smart, well educated, and creative.
As a graduate of Columbia University with a degree in English literature, it’s no wonder that Ezra Koenig is so good at writing lyrics for songs. Even if you give just a quick listen to any song off a Vampire Weekend album, you’ll see just how clever he actually is.

3. He’s got some serious talent, instrument-wise.
Aside from being the lead vocals for the band, Ezra also plays guitar. On top of that, he can also play piano, various percussive instruments, and even the saxophone.
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4. He’s best mates with his band mates.
Although fellow bandmate Rostam┬áBatmanglij recently parted ways with the band to grow as a solo artist, there’s no bad feelings. The guys have been friends for quite some time, and Rostam plans to continue being involved with Vampire Weekend’s production, just not as a band member.

5. He’s huge on collaboration.
He’s all about collaboration, and the songs he’s featured on prove it! He’s collaborated with and featured on songs with The Very Best, Theophilus London, Chromeo, Abd al Malik, Angelique Kidjo, Duck Sauce, Major Lazer, and SBTKT, to name just a few. He’s even collaborated with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (well, kind of).

6. He’s got great, successful genes.
Ezra isn’t the only successful one of the family! His mom, Robin Koenig, is a set dresser for TV and film and his sister, Emma Koenig, is the author of the book and blog “FUCK! i’m in my twenties” as well as a writer for the TV comedy Manhattan Love Story.

7. He’s really just a big sweetheart!
When I met Vampire Weekend after their Columbus, Ohio concert back in September of 2013, they were the sweetest ever, especially Ezra. Happy enough to meet fans who waited for a few hours, they stopped and talked with each of us, asking us how we were and just being generally the best!

I will never get over Ezra Koenig making a peace sign in this picture with me

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