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Back in November, I spent one weekend, truthfully only Friday night, binge watching Master of None on Netflix and fell in love with Aziz Ansari. Master of None is a new Netflix original created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang. The comedy stars Aziz as the lead character working through life in New York. The show is great. It’s funny, confident, smart,  and relatable. It didn’t take me long to watch all 10 episodes and at the end of the night I wasn’t ready for it to end.

I’ve always known Aziz Ansari was a funny guy. I’m no stranger to Parks and Rec. It is definitely in my top 5 favorite TV shows and I’ve watched the entire series more times that I can count on my hands. Tom Haverford is a bit ridiculous at times but I think Aziz and Tom share some similar qualities. Tom is pop culture obsessed in a small midwestern town and Aziz uses pop culture references in his stand up comedy frequently (I watched everything Netflix had in preparation for this article and I laughed harder than I have in a long time). And then there are times that I see myself in both Tom and Aziz.

Parks and Rec

This is me at the end of the day and at the beginning of the day.

Aziz is a member of the very prestigious Food Club and by prestigious, I mean Aziz and few friends dress in their best suits and captains hats to present an award to restaurants who they deem worthy. It looks like fun and reminds me of what my friends and I do on the weekends, try out different restaurants and goof around. We’re just like the Food Club only we don’t wear cool hats, at least not yet.

Food Club

While Aziz is known as a funny guy, he has a soft spot too. The world was introduced to his parents on Master Of None. The Ansari family steals the show as Aziz’s real life parents play his parents on the show as well. Aziz shared a heartfelt post on Instagram about his parents after the launch of Master of None. He says the show helped improve his relationship with parents. And in another interview with Jimmy Fallon said his father didn’t accept the role in hopes of becoming a big time actor, but rather to spend time with Aziz. Awe. But Mr. Ansari will also accept any commercial job after experiencing the perks of fame. Sounds like the whole family might carry the comedy gene.

Aziz has also been very vocal about being a feminist recently and he makes some good points about the subject. In Aziz Ansari: Live At Madison Square Garden, he talks about how feminism is just a word that has taken on a negative definition because it is so weirdly used and how when he reaches for the check on the first date, it’s never because he assumes the women can’t pay, it’s just him being nice. But it was on David Letterman that he talked about feminism by using Beyonce. He received a bit of backlash for this comment, people claimed he simplified the definition of feminism too much. Aziz spoke about the comment again with Cosmo by proposing a few questions for the people writing this backlash on the internet. Did they really think he had ill intentions in his heart or was trying to talk down women? He finishes his feminist talk by saying most people believe men and women deserve equal rights and are therefore a feminist, they are just afraid to say it in fear of some crazy lady yelling at them. Check out his MSG special on Netflix if you are interested in hearing the full story. I’ve seen it and it’s good.

Overall, Aziz is a funny and extremely talented guy making him my new celebrity crush and #mcm. I may have to watch Master of None again or start Parks and Rec for the billionth time. Either way, my life needs more Aziz on a daily basis.

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