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Passionate. There is something about the look that someone gets in their eyes when they are talking about something that they love, something that they are passionate about, that makes me so excited about life. If given one word to describe Ansel Elgort, the music producer, actor, and dancer, I would use the word passionate. Ansel clearly does not go into anything unless he is going into it with his whole heart, and his eyes tell the story.

He seems to be on a roller coaster that only goes up.

We first met Ansel on the big-screen in the 2013 remake of the famous horror movie Carrie, but his big break arrived when he was cast to play Augustus in the movie The Fault In Our Stars, an on-screen adaptation of the famous John Green novel by the same title. John Green might have written all the lines that Augustus recited on screen, but Ansel brought them to life in the most heartwarming and beautiful way. This is when I fell in love with the now-21 year old, for his smile, his acting abilities, and his passion.


Since his debut in Carrie and his blockbuster role in TFIOS, Ansel’s music career has picked up, his EDM band “Ansolo” skyrocketing to the top of the electronic charts. With his most recent single ‘To Life’ the actor-turned-producer has gotten some pretty big music gigs, going on tour to perform these tracks that will make you want to get up and… dance. If you follow Ansel on Snapchat (anselelgort) you will see how excited his music makes him. Whether he’s performing in front of a sold out crowd or filming a video on the streets of New York, you can see the passion in his eyes when he is playing music.


The New York born superstar didn’t have a chance to be anything but artistic. His father is famous photographer Arthur Elgort, who is known for his work with Vogue magazine, and his mother, Grethe is an opera director. Ansel attended The Professional Performing Arts School from a young age, as well as the world-renowned LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts, placed right next to Julliard and The Lincoln Center in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. A dancer from the start, Ansel acted in musicals all throughout high school, before landing his role in Carrie and beginning his film career.

Aside from his incredible acting and music abilities, Ansel might be one of my favorite celebrities out there right now because of his personality and his authenticity. He still rides the subway around New York City every day, posting snapchat videos of him eating powdered donuts in a shaky subway car and laughing with his friends in the middle of Times Square. My heart absolutely melted the other day when he posted three consecutive snapchats talking about how beautiful his girlfriend is, and when he meets his fans he acts like he is talking to old friends. There’s something so rare about a celebrity that acts like a normal human being nowadays, and Ansel doesn’t look like he is changing that any time soon, which is why he is our #ManCrushMonday this week.

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