Jamie Lawson: East Coast vs West Coast

Jamie Lawson took the US by storm on his recent promo tour, and Trendom was there to experience it coast-by-coast. From LA to NYC, one thing became clear. Jamie Lawson isn’t going to be a passing whirlwind. He’s here to stay and we are all here for it. That is, in the figurative sense, not the literal one. A musician’s gotta tour, you know…

East Coast

The Studio at Webster Hall is a small, cozy venue, in high contrast against the full, sprawling Webster Hall venue just above it. It was the perfect setting for Jamie Lawson’s acoustic set to support the upcoming release of his self-titled album. Jamie, recently signed to Ed Sheeran’s label, Gingerbread Man Records, is both a music veteran and new to the “scene” all at once. His previous albums, Last Night Stars, The Pull of the Moon, Wasn’t Expecting That, kept him fairly local within the UK. We have a feeling this time things will be different.

The short set started off with “All Is Beauty,” a delicate and melodic steam that pulls at your heart strings with each pick made on a string of the guitar. The lyrics will make you feel warm and optimistic as you float through the song. With “Cold In Ohio,” Jamie pits the metaphorical warm of being love against the literal cold in windy winter locales.

After a couple of songs, we got to see more of who Jamie is outside of his music. His ability to banter on stage and get the crowd chuckling showed his stripes as a seasoned performer. No wonder people are taking note of the rising star. Jamie casually boasted on a few of his newer fans… Did you know David Hasselhoff recently followed him on Twitter? Talk about making it big.

Next up came “Someone For Everyone,” an absolute feel good anthem for anyone feeling lost. This one will easily repeat on a loop in your head during the day.

*video is not from the Webster Hall Studio show

“Still Yours” got us thinking about that one person who will always have your heart. No matter how far apart life may take you, if that person needs a hand it’s yours you’ll lend. If that person needs a heart, yours is already theirs to have.

This heart has been broken

This heart has been fixed

This heart is still mine

Which means it’s still yours

If you want it

Before he started “Don’t Let Me Let You Go,” he joked about co-writing the song with Amy Wadge (who co-write on Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud) in hopes that he’d have a hit single on his hands as well. We know it was said in jest, but from the sound of it, “Don’t Let Me Let You Go” is going to be just that.

His first single, “Wasn’t Expecting That,” will make you cray. Plain and simple. The song showcases Jamie’s ability to weave a compelling story into the lines of a song. He introduces you to the cast of the song and takes you on a heart-felt journey with them from the very beginning to the (spoiler alert!) very sad ending.

The set ended with a “Ahead of Myself,” a bolstering hybrind of folk-pop and big band horn sections. Without the brass ensemble to back him on stage, Jamie encouraged the crowd to sing along during the chorus and serve as his personal horn section, adding even more life to an already vibrant tune.

Leaving the venue, our feet felt a bit lighter and our hearts a bit fuller. We can’t wait for the album, but even more so, can’t wait for our next chance to catch another one of Jamie’s live sets.


West Coast

The Hotel Café is quickly becoming my favorite venue in all of LA. The small dark room with tables at the front of the stage offers a very intimate atmosphere, blurring the line between the artist and their fans, and allowing a more conversational approach to song introductions and stage banter. Not to mention, they have a knack for picking the most amazing artists to headline their weeknight shows.

Jamie Lawson is another stand out singer who completely won over anyone who may have entered through the doors without prior knowledge of his music. If you haven’t yet been exposed to Jamie through Ed’s Snapchat or his performances while opening for One Direction’s OTRA tour, well then sit back while you walk you through the highlights of a Jamie Lawson show.

Jamie sings with a level of ease and comfort that leaves the listener feeling completely relaxed and simultaneously awestruck. As bashful as he seem’s in conversation, the moment he plucks a guitar string and allows the lyrics to flow from his lips, he embodies all the confidence it takes to bare your heart on stage.

“Someone For Everyone” really hit me, as a person who doesn’t actively seek relationships , I loved that this song says, “Don’t worry if you can’t find love in a hurry”. It’s so encouraging to those out there who feel defeated while looking for love, and is definitely a song I will recommend to others.

Despite the romanticism behind his lyrics, Jamie gathered the inspiration from this next song while watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon says “I’ve been through all the options, and the only conclusion is love.” (awww)

Mid show Jamie asked us all to snap our fingers in rhythm, a tactic he says he stole from tour partner Christina Perrie, for an unexpected cover of Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”. His rendition of the Motown favorite had the crowd swaying, cheering, and whistling as he got bashful during the more suggestive lyrics:

The Way You Make Me Feel

You Really Turn Me On

You Knock Me Off Of My Feet

My Lonely Days Are Gone

My absolute favorite of the whole night would have to be “Don’t Let Me Let You Go.” For all of my adult romance readers out there, I bet you can think of a story or two that this song will remind you of!

I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Jamie in his career. If you haven’t already, be sure to pre-order his album out on October 16th and be part of the fandom that supports him as he rises to the top!


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