How To Tell If He’s Not Into You

Crushing is tricky. Sometimes it’s hard to read people and you can’t tell if they like you back or not because you’re blinded by love.  You end up convincing yourself that this person actually does likes you back. But, you come crashing back down from your love high because your friends have to break the news to you that the feelings aren’t being reciprocated. You’ve led yourself on for so long, your heart is shattered and now you’re wondering if this whole situation could’ve been prevented. Sure.

Sadly, I’ve found myself in this exact situation multiple times. I liked dreaming about so-and-so being my boyfriend, but I didn’t like feeling like the whole world was crashing down on me once I found out he had no feelings for me whatsoever. Yeah, call me dramatic, but it’s true. As I grew older I became tired of the mind games; I started making a mental list of what to look for if he ACTUALLY liked me rather than getting my hopes up. Maybe my experiences can help you out in the future.

How do you know if he’s not into you?

They don’t respond back to your texts. 
Someone has to say it: they are not responding for a reason. Give them a few hours to a day and if they don’t respond back, well, there’s your answer. Don’t even think about double texting them back either!

They don’t follow you on social media when they are in fact social butterflies.
If they don’t care to see what you’re doing in your life, chances are they might not be into you. Or maybe they do follow you, but they don’t like any of your things on the said social media site when they are actively scrolling through their timeline 24/7.

You’re the only one making a move.
Don’t blame the person for being shy. Trust me, if they like you, they will suck it up and get over the fear and actually talk to you. Sure you can still say hi to them, but if they’re just giving you short answers and not asking you anything, stop crushing now!

They flirt with other people when you’re around. 
In this case, you probably got the wrong vibe from this person. You mistook their playful personality for flirting. This was a common mistake of mine, I loved the attention and I just assumed their attention was just on me, not anyone else. Take your blinder off and be cautious.

Save yourself from heartbreak and heed my honest advice. Don’t become attached to someone who doesn’t care.

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