How To Get Through Finals: 1D Style

Alright, so the time for finals has finally (ha!) come around. What should you expect? Endless nights of studying, sleep deprivation, coffee on coffee on coffee… That’s how this usually goes. With the help of our splendid One Direction boys, however, the task can be approached and achieved in a less stressful, more fun way.

So, you’re studying for five hours straight and you need a break. What should you do? Close your laptop and take a dance break. A One Direction dance break, of course. Whip out the good ol’ Up All Night album and dance your stress away. There’s nothing like the original 1D songs to shake some pressure off of your mind.


Need a study guide? No problem. Decorate and organize your study guide colorfully and with 1D stickers. Trust me… it helps. You’ll associate portions and answers with the boys, which could help you out on your final. Everyone else taking the final will be struggling, but you’ve got Louis to decipher the 9th Amendment for you.


Is it time for another break? Personally, if I need a long break, I watch a movie or Netflix. In this case, you need the boys. So watch This Is Us! We all know how the movie made us feel when it came out: pure happiness. Watching the movie will let your brain focus on something else other than chemical reactions, and studies have shown that your mind needs a little shift of focus every now and then while studying. Do it, watch the movie. You won’t regret it.


Another good study tip is to make songs out of your study material. At least that seems to help a lot of people. Turn your vocabulary terms, your math equations, even a speech, into a One Direction song. Humming the tune to Ready To Run as you’re matching up answers on the test will work in your favor. Associating certain answers and methods with songs can help your memorization when it comes to test time.

These are just a few ways to intertwine One Direction into your finals process. Why study for finals the old fashion way when you could have SO much fun with the boys?!


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College sophomore with a serious case of cat-lady status. My life was never the same after One Direction entered it, and then 5 Seconds of Summer just added fuel to the fire. I’m a dancer, reader, thinker, writer, nature enthusiast, and of course a fangirl. After visiting London I desperately crave its presence on the daily. I don’t think there’s a single moment I’m not thinking of Harry Styles? I’m also a goofball, so there’s that.

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