Holiday Gift Guide for Brother


Brothers are annoying and goofy, alternate between helpful and a bit lazy, but usually (if you’re lucky!) are worth all the suffering because they’ll always have your back. I like to mix it up with some fun stuff as well as things that make him look like a grown up!


I hope you like funny/nerdy t-shirts bro, because you’re getting one of these for every holiday and birthday from now on. Busted Tees is the best place to find obscure references, like this Dr. Who/Nightmare Before Christmas mashup tee.


A party game is fun for the whole family, literally. I recently discovered Monikers and it’s the perfect way to laugh through an hour or two.


If your brother doesn’t have Star Wars Battlefield (for PC, XBox or PlayStation) yet, then it’s probably because he’s expecting it as a gift. Just do it, because your mom will never remember which game system he has.


This one is a bit of a splurge, but it’s a great gift. WeWood watches are made of – you guessed it! – wood, which makes them super lightweight and also unique. Add in the fact that they’re planting a tree for every watch sold, and yes, your brother does need this stylish accessory.


Finally, the gift of music! Coldplay just released A Head Full of Dreams so it’s not likely your brother will have bought it yet. AND they’re playing the Super Bowl next year – so you should definitely listen together and get to know the new songs!

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