Healthy Fangirl: 5 Ways I Try To Eat Healthier

Being a really picky eater like I am makes it kind of challenging to eat healthy. I can’t stand the texture of most foods, even if I love the taste of it. Growing up and realizing I actually don’t like those vegetables I was forced to eat as a kid, getting my license and wanting to eat out everyday, and going away to college with an insane amount of food right in my dorm building, I became pretty unhealthy. I’m graduating college this year and moving on to my “adult life” and I realized if I don’t make changes now, my body is going to suffer. Here’s some of my tips and tricks that I use to try and eat healthier.

1. Be sneaky with your fruits and veggies!
Since I don’t enjoy the texture of a lot of foods, I tend to sneak them in and pretend they’re not there. One way to do this is smoothies. I make a pretty mean smoothie and even shared some of my favorite recipes last month. Throwing in a cup of spinach doesn’t make it taste gross, and gets in some of your greens for the day.


2. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you feel full.
I used to always eat at certain times just because it was “meal time.” Now I only eat when I’m hungry and I stop when I feel full. I also use smaller portions and plates to start with, and drink a lot of water while eating.

3. Find things that work for you and get creative!
Let’s face it. Most people aren’t going to like every healthy food out there. I like to figure out what I like and then I get creative so I don’t get bored. One of the few vegetables I can tolerate is asparagus, and my favorite protein is chicken. I have different ways of marinating, seasoning, cooking and preparing these foods to keep my meals seem different, even though I’m using the same base foods.


4. Eat at home!
This is a huge one for me. I’m always driving around and wanting to stop and get something quick, but that really hurts my wallet and my body. It’s not too difficult to take some extra time to cook at home, and you’ll know exactly what’s going into your body. Restaurants especially give you too-big portions, and you don’t know how they’re preparing their food so it could be full of butter, salt and other fats.

5. Indulge in moderation!
If you try to deprive yourself of your favorite dessert or junk food snack, you’ll end up binge-eating bad foods which is never good. If you feel like having some ice cream, go get some ice cream, just don’t go crazy. If you want potato chips, go eat some, just don’t eat the whole bag in one go. I have a huge sweet tooth so a good trick for me is to keep dark chocolate, my absolute favorite, in my house. When I’m getting a sugar craving, I’ll have a small piece to satisfy me, and dark chocolate isn’t even as bad for you as most other chocolates and candies.

Dark chocolate

I am by no means a nutritionist, or an expert on food. This is just what works for me, and how I try to eat healthier. I also know that I don’t eat “healthy” but I am on my way there. Going from a pretty unhealthy diet is taking some time, but each baby step is really important.

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