Healthy Fangirl: 10 Best Pinterest Workouts

Everyone loves a good Pinterest workout, but sometimes there are just so many to choose from that it gets overwhelming and we just give up. Here are the 10 best (in our opinion) Pinterest workouts. From a full hour, to 10 spare minutes, to targeted areas, we hope this article makes finding a workout a little bit easier.

  1. Lets start slow. Here is a good 30 Day “Just Do Something” challenge from Fitbit. If you only have 10 minutes a day because you’re a busy bee, try this challenge!

30 day challenge

2.  We absolutely love this leg workout. Trying to get slim and sexy legs? This is the workout for you!

Toned legs

3. Need abs? Try this one. Seriously, KILLER.

300 abs

4. Ever feel like you’re wasting time during commercial breaks? Start using that time wisely with this commercial break workout!


5. Full body workout time. This one will make you sweat.



3 minute arm workout

7. Need your whole week of workouts planned for you? Here you go!


8. Bubble butt workout. Bikini season is around the corner!

butt workout

9. We LOVE barre workouts! Here is a great 60 minute barre workout you can do at home!

60 minute barre class_workout

10. Last but definitely not least, the 1000 rep challenge. Its hard, but SO good.

1000 Rep Challenge


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