‘Grown’ by Little Mix Has Everyone Grooving

When the ladies of Little Mix performed at the 2015 Apple Music Festival, they surprised everyone with a full blown performance of ‘Grown’, one of their never-before-heard songs off of Get Weird. Anyone who watched that performance (and many times since) can agree that is a great song. Fast forward to this past Thursday when Little Mix tweeted that we would finally be getting the studio version; our prayers have been answered. The full album is out next Friday, but really, we didn’t want to wait anymore.


Mere hours before the release of the song, the oh so talented ladies also performed ‘Grown’ at the KISS FM Haunted House Party. By just watching this 30 second clip, we can tell they smashed it, like always!

And let’s take a moment to admire their costumes.

KISS at a KISS FM event. Cheeky ladies.

Okay, back to the song…

Now, I’m not much of a dancer so I try to stay away from the activity as much as possible, but I cannot help but to MOVE (no pun intended) to the beat of this song. And apparently everyone can’t resist the urge too!

However, it’s not just dancing freely and coming up with our own dorky moves… No, no, no, it’s learning “the dance,” the dance in the two videos above that is insanely hard and almost impossible, but everyone is determined to get it down and pat.


Jade makes it look so darn easy.

Get it Perrie.


Don’t worry about me, I’ll still be here watching these performances over and over again until I get the moves just right.

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