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Over the past 3 years, I’ve attended more concerts than I can count– that’s a lie, actually, because I have counted them all. The count is now up somewhere near 50 concerts. They’ve ranged in artists from One Direction (of course) to Fall Out Boy to Ellie Goulding to Ed Sheeran. And, of course, The 1975.

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On Monday, December 7th, I made the 4 1/2 hour trek from my hometown down to Columbus, Ohio to see The 1975 perform their newly revamped show for a sold out crowd. And let me say, it was wild.

My friends and I waited in line from about 9:30am onward, so roughly 9 hours before doors opened for the general admission show. It was cold, but not too cold, so we didn’t freeze to death (like last year). There were folks camped out from the day before at noon, so you knew this was serious business.

the 1975 concert 3Now, I’d seen The 1975 four times prior to this show, so I wasn’t too concerned with being front row center, but it seemed that everyone else was. Long story short, I feel like I was physically beat up because the crowd was so crazy with pushing, and I ache in places I didn’t even know I had muscles from trying to stand my ground; I even had to have security pull me from the pit before the end of the set because I was so banged up. But enough about that. The most important part is the actual show. Quick note: any concert photos used in this article are courtesy of my dear friend Kasi, because my arms were too squished by the crowd to lift my phone up.

If you’ll recall, The 1975 had an “identity” change of sorts back in June, where they changed their aesthetic from the usual black and white to a pastel pink, along with other bright and pastel colors. This translated well into the show itself, allowing for the entire experience to mesmerize the viewer. They most certainly did not disappoint.

The stage was amazing. The use of lights and graphics was something that, while done before by other artists, feel new and fresh coming from from The 1975. Bathed in various colored lights, the stage was like something out of a dream. They opened with their latest single, ‘Love Me’, off their second album, set to come out February 2016.

the 1975 concert 6It was amazing and almost unbelievable that the crowd could get even more rowdy than they were before, but it happened. The push toward the stage was borderline bone-crushing, but we all managed to survive (as far as I know). Following the electricity of ‘Love Me’, they continued with first album hits ‘Heart Out’ and ‘Settle Down’, followed by ‘So Far (It’s Alright)’ from their 2013 IV EP.

Next up was ‘The City’, and the energy coming from the band was enough to keep me on my tired, worn out feet. Matty, quirky as ever, was bouncing around the stage, feeding off the crowd’s energy– and wearing a so-ugly-it-is-adorable sweater with a giant dinosaur on it. What a goof.

The set carried on with ‘You’, another one off a previous EP. While a sadder song, the energy was still lively, like an electricity flowing through the crowd and the bodies. Following was ‘Menswear’, an absolute jam. Matty, still lively, kept the crowd’s attention, making eye contact with as many people as possible.

the 1975 concert 4The came the real treat: two new songs off the forthcoming album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It (long title, I know), called ‘Change of Heart’ and ‘She’s American’, both instant hits. Of all the new songs we’ve heard thus far, I think that ‘Change of Heart’ might be a fan favorite, with many people in the crowd already singing along.

Following ‘She’s American’, Matty asked the crowd to put away their cellphones and “pretend like it’s the ’90s,” to be in the moment and interact better with the music. Of course, there were a few stragglers who didn’t follow direction, but overall the crowd took down their phones during all of ‘Me’ and most of ‘fallingforyou’.

The band delivered two more new songs, ‘Somebody Else’ and ‘The Sound’. This was about the time that I started to feel sick and had to get pulled from the pit, so I’m not the best authority on how these ones were live; but the crowd reacted well.

‘Robbers’ and ‘Girls’ rounded out the main setlist (two of my faves), followed by a brief darkness on the stage. They couldn’t have been gone more than two minutes before coming back on, hyped up as ever, ready to finish out the set.

The encore consisted of ‘Medicine’, the song they did for the BBC Radio 1 Drive Rescore, followed by ‘Chocolate’, and then ending it with ‘Sex.’ Now, while some might ask why they don’t play ‘Chocolate’ last, the song that gained their instant success back in 2013, I am an avid supporter of ending with ‘Sex’ each and every time. It was their first single put out from their first album, and I think that in playing it last, they are sticking to whatever roots they can cling to in the craziness of their skyrocket to fame.

Overall, the concert was an amazing and magical experience. If anything, I would’ve liked to experience it better and perhaps not get sick part of the way through, but it was still worth it all. In the spring, I’ll be seeing them in Dublin, Ireland with opener The Japanese House, so keep your an out for a comprehensive review of that show as well!

the 1975 concertFull Setlist
1.Love Me
2. Heart Out
3. Settle Down
4. So Far (It’s Alright)
5. The City
6. You
7. Menswear
8. Change of Heart
9. She’s American
10. Me
11. fallingforyou
12. Somebody Else
13. The Sound
14. Robbers
15. Girls
16. Medicine
17. Chocolate
18. Sex

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