First Year of College: Over Already?

Freshman year: where has the time gone?! It seems like just yesterday we were hurriedly waving off our parents so we could start our new life at college. Now it’s about to be over! Freshman year is full of new experiences, making friends, and discovering yourself more and more. Now it’s over? What’s next?

If we thought freshman year was going to be scary, boy were we wrong. Now we have to do even MORE adult things: signing leases, purchasing real furniture, and possibly finding a job. So much “adulting” to do, and we barely just finished our first year of college. We are all currently at Troy Bolton’s stress level.



It’s not all bad, though! Let’s take a small recap of freshmen year to look back on our accomplishments, mistakes, and learning experiences (good and bad):

1. We made new friends… while also discovering the people who truly cared about us.

2. We discovered how many things there are to do at college. Who knew there would be an inflatable slide smack dab in the middle of the student center… just for the fun of it!

3. We realized that studying is something that can’t be fooled with. The library isn’t so bad after all!

4. We got a glimpse of whether our majors were meant for us or not; maybe we changed them, and maybe we found something that interests us even more!

5. We joined or participated in clubs/organizations that were not available to us in high school. For example, I participated and attended a few meetings for my campus’s Feminist Caucus. There are so many more opportunities in college!

6. Netflix… Shall I say more?

7. We discovered that downtime is a MUST. College can be stressful, and realizing that we all need time for ourselves has been an important part of freshman year.

8. We had FUN!

Now that our initial year of college is over, we all have different paths regarding sophomore year. Whether it be moving into an apartment or transferring to a new campus, freshman year was filled with good and bad experiences. Sophomore year now looms over us in the near future. For now, we can focus on finishing freshman year as strong individuals. So, who’s ready for summer? It should be FABULOUS.

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