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When we’re asked who our fashion icon is, the person who influences our style the most, we typically shout off someone from the past. Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn—the list goes on and on. It’s no doubt there are many icons of the past that still influence style as we see it today, but what about the fashion icons of today’s world? The people that are walking among us? The ones that we will be looking back on in the future? There’s one current fashion icon that immediately comes to mind.

Harry Styles. Singer. Songwriter. Baker. Fashion Icon.

He used to be known as the “preppy” lad in One Direction. Sporting blazers and Jack Wills sweatshirts complete with a head full of curls…until 2013.

fi_HS 20

It’s almost as if we noticed the change overnight. His hair was no longer covering his forehead—it was pushed back and held together with hairspray (courtesy of Lou Teasdale). He began to wear ankle boots paired with the tightest pair of black skinnies known to man. The new tattoos became more and more frequent. And we caught a glimpse of what bands Harry likes by the vintage band tees he wore almost daily.
fi_HS 21

It was only a matter of time before Burberry started to inviting him to their fashion shows along with quite a few other brands. Not to be biased, but Harry was always the best dressed backstage. It was evident he could pull off anything—even a cheetah print shirt.
fi_HS 2

In 2013, Harry was the recipient of the ‘British Style Award.’ However, he didn’t know why that was so, considering he only owned two pairs of jeans.

All eyes were on Harry after this. What else is he going to wear? How high would he set the bar?

It’s obvious that Harry likes to experiment with his style. As his hair grew longer so did his collection of head scarves, as did his collection of YSL clothing—more specifically, YSL boots.
fi_HS 22
fi_HS 23

Once Harry moved on from the headscarves, it was time for him to try something new: prints. I’m talking shirts, jackets, and even suits. This wasn’t an every day thing though. Harry still wore his plain white and black tees, and he wore them well. Many fans were always sitting on the edge of their seats wondering if he was going to show up to an event in an exotic print and if he was, what kind of print? We had many surprises that year. My favorite surprise? Harry showing up to the 2014 British Fashion Awards in a red and navy (some say black) striped suit.
fi_HS 8

In 2015, I (and a lot of other people) started noticing something different in Harry. His confidence level seemed to rise, and rightfully so. One defining moment that comes to mind was when he walked out on stage during the very first On The Road Again show in gold YSL boots. The One Direction fandom thought this was a one time thing considering it was a special occasion being the first night of a new tour, but he wore them quite often. It became evident that Harry was pushing the envelope and not limiting himself on what he could wear.

fi_HS 24

Now, I’m sure some of this has to do with new stylists, but he is always up for trying something new and different. Harry has pulled off a lot of gender neutral outfits this past year—he doesn’t let labels define what he has to wear. He’s worn many articles of clothing that are “made” for women, but Harry ignores the description and wears the clothing with confidence because he can clearly pull off the look.

His prints have become even louder and more frequent. He’s not afraid to stand out in a crowd. With these prints, all eyes are on him.
fi_HS 12

Harry has proved that floral sheer shirts aren’t feminine, they are for anyone and everyone.
fi_ HS 14

It wasn’t until late 2015, when Harry REALLY stunned us. It was like the 2014 British Fashion Awards all over again, except this time the print was more intense.

Not that we didn’t doubt it before, but this night proved that Harry could easily pull off anything Gucci and any extravagant print—and so he kept with it.

Harry stunned in these suits. The fans and fashion outlets were talking about these suits for days. Once again, he was breaking down gender barriers in fashion by proving floral prints are for anyone, no matter if you’re feminine or masculine.

Harry has matured into a beautiful and handsome man. It’s not because of the clothes he wears, or his long hair, but it’s the confidence he oozes when wearing these clothes. Harry has learned to not give a damn as to what people are saying about what he wears and rather wears it with pride and a huge, confident, smile on his face. THAT is what makes him a fashion icon. Harry just does Harry. He wears what makes him feel good and that’s all that should matter. 

I’ve learned many things from Harry Styles, but the most important thing I’ve learned from him is that if you are happy in an outfit, then you can pull it off—wear it and own it.

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