Fangirl On The Go: The Go-Getter’s Bag

Working full time, averaging 3 concerts a week, and still managing to have an avid social life requires my bag to be stocked with the essentials, as I rarely have an opportunity to stop off at home for anything I may have forgotten. I carry a small black purse since it matches any and every outfit, meets the size restrictions of most venues, and hangs daintily on the hooks below the bar.

Here’s what I have in my bag:

1) A Phone Charger

Whether it’s an actual wall charger, or just a portable one, it is never safe to leave the house with the assumption that my phone is going to make it through the entire day. I’m on it all day at work so when I leave for the night, it’s necessary to have a full charge for videos, pictures, saving someone’s phone number, and of course the ability to request an Uber at the end of the evening. I find a detachable cord works best so I can charge in both the car and behind the bar.

2) Notebook and Pen

I’m the person who still hand writes everything before typing it up. There’s just something about having a pen in my hand that makes me feel as though I am accomplishing something. By default, there is always a pen and notebook in my bag. (I’m actually super picky about pens and only use the one you find linked here) They’re useful for jotting down notes/quotes at a concert, playing a game of tic-tac-toe while waiting for food to arrive, or slipping a note to the waiter to pass on to the cute guy across the room.

3) Makeup Touch ups

If you’re like me and have a make up bag that’s larger than your actual purse, picking just a few key pieces that may come in handy for touch ups is always a tough decision. I go with my lipstick (Tarte), some oil blot pads (Clean & Clear), and occasionally a thick mascara.

4) Body Spray

Weather in LA can be unpredictable, as well as my own internal temperature depending on how nervous I get. Body spray is always a necessity. First impressions are everything and if your first impression is B.O., the rest of your evening is not going to G.O. well. I personally use a fresh scented, spray on pheromone, as the chemical effects can help boost not only your personal scent, but your mood and the mood of others as well.

5) Bobby Pins

There is nothing worse than that kink in your hair when trying to go from an office pony-tail to a hair-down night time look. Bobby pins can be used to twist hairs back or too the side in order to hide the kink, while helping you look like you put some effort in beyond just running a brush through the mane. Not to mention, they are GREAT for non-conventional things, like tucking in bra straps, pinning the collar of your shirt down for an ‘off-the-shoulders’ look, clipping your money and ID together in your purse for quick access, and countless other life-hacks.

6) Condom

I never leave the house without one. I’m not a promiscuous person, but if I ever find myself in a situation where I am feeling frisky, I don’t want anything holding me back, and more importantly, I don’t want my hormones to take over and convince me to move forward without being safe. I’m a firm believer of being responsible for yourself and not holding anyone else to a higher standard than that. When I leave the house in the morning, I never know who I might meet by the end of the night.

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Jamie Jean
25 and a whiskey fanatic. Sassy, rude, and grouchy because Harry Styles lives 5 minutes away and I’ve never seen him! I have an opinion on everything and not everyone agree’s, but I hope you find humor in my over the top obsession with music and the people who create it. LA is where it’s at, so if there is a show worth seeing, you can be sure to find me there!

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