Everyday Go-To Makeup Favorites

I will admit it: I am absolutely obsessed with makeup. I am never satisfied and I’m always buying or sampling new products because what if something better is out there?? I watch beauty gurus on YouTube like I’m being paid to do it, so if they have a new product, I’ll probably get it as well. I just want to try all the things!

I’ve nowhere near tried every brand (or even half of them, probably) but I have done my fair share of damage at Sephora, so I wanted to share with you my ten favorite everyday items! Not to say I actually use them every day, because sometimes I go without makeup (heartbreak emoji) to let my skin breathe or I just don’t have the time. But when I do put makeup on, this is what I use without fail. If I’m going for a more glam look, I’ll use more products or possibly different ones, but for your average makeup day, these are where it is.

1.Beauty blender/sponge


This is honestly a game changer. I remember the first time I used a beauty sponge. I didn’t know you had to get it wet first, and I was like wtf dude this sucks?? But then I realized and suddenly my life was different. I have extremely dry skin, so this not only blends my foundation out perfectly, but it adds a little more moisture back into my skin. Brushes have always looked not as great to me, just because I don’t think they blend as nicely.

There is an actual sponge called a Beauty Blender, but almost every store/brand has it’s own knock-off version, most of which work just as well and are usually cheaper. The Real Techniques one is my favorite, because it has a flat edge, which is great for under your eyes, and it’s half the price of the Real Blender. If you have dry skin (or even if you don’t- they’re great for everyone) definitely try one out for yourself.

2. Lush Lip Scrub

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You know when you put lipstick on and it gets all cracked and weird looking because your lips are dry/chapped/whatever? Yeah this will fix that, and it’s edible! It’s honestly just sugar and flavoring that you rub on your lips and then lick off. Bam, easy, done. Now throw on some chapstick and you’re ready for the day (and for smoother looking lipstick)!

3. NYX BB Cream


On the bottle, it says that NYX BB Cream can be used as a primer or alone, and I would have to agree. In the summer, BB creams are great because they give you a little bit of coverage without the heaviness of a foundation. In the winter, they can mix with your foundation to give you extra staying power and moisture. This stuff is also great alone because it definitely gives you decent coverage.. Plus, it smoothes your skin and covers pores so it’s really and win-win.

4. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Finishing Powder


Speaking of covering pores, this stuff is amazing. I use it under my eyes and in my T-zone to set my makeup, and it creates such a flawless finish it might be magic! My makeup doesn’t move the entire day, and it doesn’t get dried out. Sometimes powders can do that, but this one absolutely doesn’t. It’s translucent too, so it won’t add any color to your face, just sets the makeup you already have on.

5. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer


This product has been around for what seems like forever, and there’s a reason for that. The reason is that it’s the best primer on the market – in my humble opinion, at least. I’ve tried SOOO MANY primers and I always go back to this one. It fills in my pores and creates a soft, hydrated base for my makeup every single time. I don’t even have enough words to tell you how great it is. If you struggle with enlarged pores, your makeup wearing off, or dry skin, try this stuff out and see if it makes a difference. You can get a free sample of it at Sephora before taking the plunge to purchase. You only need a tiny little pea-sized amount for your whole face (I just put it in my T-zone but do you, boo) and it will last the entire day.

6. Benefit Hoola Bronzer


Okay, honestly, I think this is my ride or die makeup product. I couldn’t live without it. In the summer I’m all for the occasional shimmery bronzer to show off your tan, but usually (and especially anytime other than summer) I want a matte and only matte bronzer. I get enough shimmer from my highlighter (I’ll get to that below…) so I don’t need my bronzer glowing on my face too. I use my bronzer to give my face some color (and life, honestly) after my foundation, but also to contour. Ain’t nobody got time for a shimmery contour. The Hoola bronzer is a matte shade and not muddy or orange like some bronzers can be. It’s absolutely beautiful and it blends wonderfully. It also pairs nicely with highlighter so you can still glow, girl! My only complaint is that I wish they would put more product in each one, because when you use it every day, it only lasts a few weeks. It’s okay though Hoola… I still love you.

7. Morphe Eyeshadows


These are a hidden gem and I truly don’t understand how everyone doesn’t know about them yet. Morphe has the most pigmented, beautiful eyeshadows and they’re a little over $2 each. Yeah, you read that correctly. $2.29 to be exact! You can buy them individually or they have giant palettes that are affordable and come with any and all of the shades you could ever want. They blend out very nicely so you don’t have any weird eyeshadow lines, and you can layer and layer them on without it getting cakey or creased. Did I mention they’re $2???????

8. BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Highlighter “Champagne Pop”


Here’s the highlighter I mentioned earlier. This stuff is just…. you guys… it’s amazing. It goes on so smooth and light and shimmery, as if it were sent straight from heaven. Sometimes highlighters can get chalky and splotchy on the skin, or they can be too glittery and ruin your whole face instead of pulling it together. THIS AIN’T THAT. A little goes a long way, and it’s just the most beautiful, glowing shade. BECCA partnered with Jaclyn Hill to create this specific shade, so if you don’t know who Jaclyn Hill is, go look her up on YouTube and then buy this. She has tons of videos about Champagne Pop and how to use it, so you can see how great it looks, in case you need any more convincing.

9. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade


I think anyone who does makeup on a consistent basis has a favorite part of their routine. For me, it’s my brows. It’s like artwork. You can go from blah to BROWS in 5 minutes and it gets me every single time. This brow pomade is what gets it done for me. It goes on smooth but very matte and dry, so you don’t have to worry about it smudging throughout the day. You can use it lightly to fill in gaps, or you can go a little heavier with it to draw lines and shape your brows. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

10. It Cosmetics Hello Lashes Extensions Fiber Mascara


Whether you have long lashes or non-existent lashes, this stuff will do wonders for you. There are fibers in the mascara that latch onto the end of your lashes and make them longer and fuller. I know it sounds like BS but trust me, it honestly makes your lashes longer! I like to go in with a coat of whatever drugstore brand mascara is my current favorite, and then put this on top. It lasts FOREVER and doesn’t flake off. The brush can be a little hard to maneuver sometimes because the bristles are really short, but once you get the hang of it you won’t be able to live without it.

WHEW, that brings this list to an end! I hope you found something new that you want to try, and don’t forget- LUSH and Sephora will both give you samples of anything, so there are no excuses to not give these a try!

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