Ellie’s Delirium Wardrobe Is on My Mind

Ellie Goulding’s tour for her newest album, Delirium, is in full swing.

May 16th, I was able to see Ellie in St. Louis, MO. Only a few short hours before the show started, fans learned that the opening act, Years & Years, was unable to perform due to illness. Ellie was able to make light of the situation with a single tweet.


I’m not going to lie, I thought she was kidding… until she walked out on stage for an acoustic set.

Not many artists are capable of opening for their own shows, but Ellie Goulding surely is. The whole set was raw and powerful. In such a big arena, she was able to make it feel intimate.

The rest of the show was simply incredible as well. Hit after hit was played and I’ve never seen a crowd so energized before. Her own lyrics were being shouted back to her and it gave me goosebumps— there’s no telling what Ellie was thinking herself on stage. It was a lively place to be on a rainy Monday night.

Between songs, Ellie would talk a bit. I never realized how funny she actually is until that evening. Shame on me. Not to mention, her dance moves were on point too. Should I admit that I’ve been practicing them in the mirror?

There was of course one thing that kept sticking out at me all night long though…

Her wardrobe is fierce.

I understand that her outfits are technically costumes, but that’s not stopping me from wanting to wear them as every day wear.

Exhibit A
A turtle neck, a pair of (what I’m assuming is) pleather shorts, with a bold belt, and a slick pair of Doc Martens… I may never take this outfit off. It’s simple and sexy.

Exhibit B
Maybe I won’t wear this daring outfit to the supermarket anytime soon… okay maybe I will, but I definitely feel as if this suit could give me the power to run a full marathon.

Exhibit C
This boho chic dress has just the right amount of flow to it; it’s perfect for indie music festivals. There’s so much detail to this dress when you see it up close— it’s a sheer stunner.

Exhibit D
It’s official, this is the world’s most badass jacket I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I wouldn’t even mind if Ellie’s name was on my jacket, I’ll wear it.

Exhibit E
If you have good eyes, you’ll see that this is actually the same outfit as exhibit D— she’s just missing the badass jacket. I’m a huge fan of the plaid, school girl skirt. I also like how the outfit still looks bold even though Ellie is just wearing a plain black shirt.

Ellie’s outfits went along PERFECTLY with her set. As you can see, her wardrobe wasn’t too crazy; therefore keeping the crowd’s attention mostly on her music.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go straight for the internet to look for these looks right after her killer show.

I love Ellie’s style— music and fashion.

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