Ed Sheeran – What’s he Up To Next?

Here at Trendom, we absolutely adore Ed Sheeran. A handful of us have attended various shows throughout his X Tour. We love his cheeky sense of humor and the way he’s probably the most laid back popstar, if that’s what you want to call him. X Tour officially ended last night in Boston at Gillette Stadium, the biggest show of his North American leg, and it was AMAZING. Ed closed out his tour with special guest Chris Martin of Coldplay, and they sang ‘Yellow’ together.


He also sang ‘Be My Forever’ with his opener, Christina Perri,


Now that tour is over, and he’s said he’s not going to be releasing any new music for a while, Sheerios (and the rest of the music loving world) are left wondering what’s next for him. Let us tell you!

One Last New Song 

On the same day as his last X Tour date, ‘Lay It All On Me’, his song with Rudimental on their upcoming album We The Generation, was released. Rudimental are a drum and bass band in the UK and are known for their dance beats. Yes, totally different from what we’re used to from Ed, but I absolutely LOVE this song. It’s such a groove tune and I’ve had it pretty much on repeat since it popped up on Spotify.

The song starts with a piano and as Ed starts singing, the sounds of piano and guitar mix and then the techno-esque beat comes in. The verses are so smooth and fun that I was chair dancing within seconds with my hands in the air as if I was in a club (and I don’t go to clubs), but I would definitely hit the dance floor to this song.

My favorite lyric line is: So if you’re hurting babe/Just let your heart be free/You got a friend in me/I’ll be your shoulder at anytime you need/ Baby I believe. It just stuck in my head right away and it’s lovely.

The song is even further of a departure from “typical Ed,” at least on his upbeat songs, like this one is, because of the repetition of lyric words over and over and the pace of singing. Usually Ed fits as many different words and lines into a song as he can, so much so that I marvel at his singing breath control.

TV Show

Yes, you read that right, a TV show. On September 15, FX’s new show The Bastard Executioner premiered and Ed is set to have a recurring guest role as a character called “Sir Cormac” who is the “lethal right hand of a high-ranking church elder.” He’ll be in medieval gear, as the show is set in early 14th century Wales and centers around a former Knight of King Edward I’s army. According to an interview Ed did with EW in August 2015 about the role, he got it by befriending the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, through Twitter after Ed asked Sutter who did the sound and music for Sutter’s other show, Sons of Anarchy. In addition to guest starting on TBE, Ed also composed the show’s theme song. The show airs on Tuesday nights at 10 P.M.


*picture from EW article


In November 2014, Ed signed a deal with Warner Music to create an imprint label, much like Louis Tomlinson did with his 78 Productions Ltd. label and Syco Music. In March 2015, Ed confirmed that the name of his label is Gingerbread Man Records, which we cracked up over and caused us to fall even more in love with THE Gingerman. In August 2015, he signed his first act, Jamie Lawson, after having Jamie on his UK and European legs of X Tour. On August 25, 2015, Ed launched Gingerbread Man Records YouTube channel, with an intro video and a sit down video with Jamie.

He’ll be looking for more talent to sign and generally be dedicating a bit more time to it. So even though he’s “going away,” he’s really not. We’ll miss hearing new music from him, but we’ll console ourselves with his entire catalogue, with ‘Lay It All On Me’ on repeat forever.

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