Dos and Don’ts: College

College is an important part of our lives and also the toughest… and most stressful… and just plain difficult… but only if you make it that way! Set your eye on the end goal and keep these tips in mind for a breezy college career.

DO reward yourself when you finish a tough assignment or test. You worked your butt off and you deserve a treat, whether that be a venti Frappuccino (or two) or watching a movie that you’ve been dying to see.

DON’T pull all nighters when prepping for a test or presentation. Your brain needs a break and you’re less likely to do terrible on a test if you don’t stay up and cram everything into your tired head.

DO take breaks when working on stressful assignments. This is especially crucial around finals time. Clear your brain. Take a walk, watch a movie, or have a dance party!

DON’T constantly skip class. Skipping one class is the equivalent to missing half a week of class. In college, professors don’t set the homework and notes that you may have missed aside- it’s all on YOU to make sure you get that taken care of.  Make things easier on yourself and just go to class.

DO e-mail your professors often if you have any questions or concerns – that’s what they’re there for! If you’re unsure of what you’re actually supposed to do on an assignment, e-mail them; better safe than sorry.

DON’T knock it ’til you try it. Chances are, you’ll have to take quite a few electives for your degree. So expand your horizons and take classes that aren’t for your degree – you may learn a little bit more about yourself and the world around you. This goes for clubs too. You can meet so many people and create friendships that will last a lifetime. Being part of a club also looks great on a resume… just something to think about.

DO organize your notes for each class once a week. Nothing is worse than going to study for a class and all of your notes are out of order, thus wasting half of your study time cursing under breath because you can’t find what you need. Also, organize your planner at least once a week too. I typically sit down on Sunday night and write out my schedule for the entire week. I write down all of the assignments I have due that week and schedule my study time around those dates and times. It’s definitely helped my anxiety now that I usually know what to expect during the week.

DON’T procrastinate. So many times I’ve wished I started working on a project earlier rather than waiting until the last 24 hours I have left to do it. Rushing to finish a project is stressful. It turns the project into something you’re looking to get rid of instead of letting it shine as some of your best work. You’re almost guaranteed a better grade when you don’t procrastinate.

DO make sure you get all of your questions answered about FAFSA, student loans, and other expenses BEFORE you start school. College is actually a big expense and you need to know how much you are spending and how much you will owe once you have your degree. Knowing these numbers will help you realize how much money you can and should save while in school.

Now, go reach for your dreams!

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