Must Have Apps For Anyone With Wanderlust

We all know that traveling can get pretty stressful. Booking flights, hotel reservations and all of the minor details can sometimes make it seem more of a hassle to plan a trip, rather than an enjoyable adventure. Well that is all about to change with these must have apps for anyone with wanderlust! These will make planning and preparing for you next adventure a smooth and fun experience!

Before You Go- Duolingo


Whether you’re visiting Mexico, France, Russia or Turkey, you can now pick up some basic language skills right from your phone! This app is extremely helpful and it teaches you the basics of each language, as well as common phrases and expressions. This will no doubt make your visit to a new country a little bit smoother!

Travel Time- GateGuru


This app is my secret weapon. It’s the holy grail for anyone that is a frequent flyer. GateGuru allows you to plug in ALL of your flight information and upcoming trips, no matter what airline you’re flying with! On top of that, this app has helpful tips, restaurant information and gate maps for almost every major airport in the world. For anyone that has flown and experienced short layover times, this is most definitely a lifesaver! Best of all- IT’S FREE!

A Good Night’s Rest- Hostelworld 


For those of you with an adventurous bone in your body- try the Hostelworld app! Hostelworld gives you access to hostels and hotels all around the world, most at a very reasonable price. Just type in your city, dates and how many people you’re booking for and tons of options will be at your fingertips! Make your reservations and you’ll have a great place to stay in just about any location on Earth! Huts in the Andes mountains? No problem! 5 stars in Paris? They’ve got you covered! This app is definitely a handy tool for anyone traveling solo or with a small group of people.

Lost? Not Anymore!- Citymapper


This nifty app helps you get from point A to point B with no stress! Just put on your location services and they’ll get you where you need to go! With cities like London, New York, Berlin and Rome- this app can really reduce stress and travel time which allows for more fun and time to explore these new places! With it being free- why not get try it out on your next trip? Also- don’t see your city? They are taking suggestions so make sure to voice yours!

Do you have any travel apps that YOU recommend? Comment your suggestions below!

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