#CreativeFanSpotlight with Lenora a.ka. NasaLouis

This week, we’re featuring the lovely Lenora a.k.a. NasaLouis! This lovely artist currently lives in Prague, so we love talking to artists who live around the globe. We spoke with her about her art and what inspires her.
How old were you when you started drawing?
I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I never took drawing seriously until the age of 15 when I was accepted to The College of Fashion Design and Secondary School of Fashion in Prague. That’s where my love for color and texture comes from. For a very long time, I wasn’t open to the idea of digital art and I only worked traditionally. Then I realized I was being stupid and there was no point in restricting myself, so I invested in my first Wacom tablet last summer. Since then I’ve been discovering the beauty of digital art.
lenora hand drawn
What inspires you to draw?
Most of my inspiration usually comes from three sources: Fantasy books that allow me to let my imagination run wild, magazines like The National Geographic with large colorful photographs of far away places, and nature itself of course. I go on long hikes almost every day and I’ve been trying to sketch outside more. One of my favorite subjects to portray are actual animals.
lenora lizard
How did you come up with your drawing style?
Drawing style is something that develops over many years. It’s a combination of hours of practice and influence that other artists have on you. I try to draw for at least three hours a day. A great influence on my drawing style has been a book by Bob Kato called Drawing Club. I cannot put into words how much it’s helped me to improve and to understand my style. My style is based on my love for colors and improvisation – I like to try new methods and new materials. It’s still changing and evolving with every drawing.
How did you become a 1d fan?
I am not sure when I first heard of 1D, but I didn’t become a fan until late 2013. I was in another fandom at that time and it was dying. The boys have always been on my dash on tumblr no matter who I followed. I remember seeing those photos of Liam ice skating with Sophia. He looked like an overgrown puppy and I was endeared and instantly hooked. I didn’t start drawing fan art till the summer 2014 though.
What’s your favorite thing about your talent?
To be honest, I don’t think there’s some magical ability that we’re born with that allows you to excel at drawing. Simply put, I don’t believe in talent. There is passion and training that eventually leads to skill, but there is no talent.
However to answer your question, my favorite part is being able to make friends who are passionate about the same thing. The best part is when someone messages you and tells you that you’ve inspired them to create something. That feeling cannot be described.
What is your favorite piece of One Direction art that you’ve done?
A drawing of Louis as an elf with long hair floating down his back. It’s one of those drawings that the internet didn’t like very much and it never got popular, but it means so much to me.
What other fandoms do you draw for?
I draw for a very small fandom based on Tolkien’s The Silmarillion. There are maybe 50 other people in that fandom. It’s so freeing when you draw for a small fandom. They appreciate you and there’s no pressure or drama at all, they’re just happy to have pretty pictures. It’s simple and it’s where I run to whenever things get intense with 1D.

Who are your favorite fellow artists?

Carina is one of them. She makes wonderful traditional art that blows me away every time. She has recently done a drawing of Harry in period clothes and has become my favourite 1d fan art piece.

Romi is another. Incredible photo-manipulations. You have to do a double take to make sure it’s not a real photo.
What does fandom mean to you?
To me, fandom is an incredible source of friendship and support, I have met so many people from tumblr who share the same interests and love the same things as me. It’s thanks to someone from fandom that I didn’t end up homeless that one time
You can follow Lenora on Tumblr, Instagram and find her art at redbubble.
I’m a 26 year old working professional who fangirls in her free time, and not-so-free time, over One Direction, Ed Sheeran, 5SOS, Fleetwood Mac, Marvel and DC comics, and Harry Potter along with a plethora of other fangirl worthy topics. Writing and sharing stories is my passion and I hope to make a living out of it someday. I love classic rock, new rock, classic 80’s songs that inspire bad dance moves, books and movies galore. I didn’t choose the fangirl life, the fangirl life chose me.

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