#CreativeFanSpotlight with Dark & Dirty Crew Adult Fan Project Round 2

We’re back with the ladies of DDCAFP. The first two rounds rounds of DDCAFP fundraising went so well, they’re going for rounds 3 & 4 and we caught up with them!

Hi ladies! So, what’s new with DDCAFP?

DDCAFP is completely new for Cycle 3/4! New website, new shirts, new designs and a new fundraising goals! We’ve also have a great new promotional team who’ve help launch a new promo campaign: The 1-1-1 Cause. One fan, one shirt, one big difference. We realized that if each of our followers ordered just one shirt, we would raise well over $10,000! That seems like a lot of people, but when you think about the size of our fandom and how vocal and driven they are, we are confident that it can be done.

However, with everything that’s new and changing, we are still set on our mission to have a safe place for adult fans to meet (via our website), create exclusive merchandise and (most importantly) raise as much money as possible for Eden Dora Trust.

How did the last cycle go?

We raised $1,000 with Cycles 1&2, and had shirts gifted to every member of One Direction, some of their family and friends and the entire Eden Dora Trust family. For being such a small operation, we were really pleased!

Do you have new designs?

We have two new designs and three new t-shirt styles: a white long sleeve, a red and black raglan and a black pullover. 




How did you come up with them?

We polled our followers and supporters and asked what they wanted to see for Cycles 3/4. The strong majority asked for new shirt styles and designs. At that point, we spoke to our partners on the promotional team and came up with some new shirt style options. We worked with Bara Saiko (@youngandmadeof) who created the fan-art design for the Cycles 1&2. She created beautiful new fan-art designs that helped push the message ‘This Is Not The End,’ and celebrated Made in the A.M.

What is your hope for the new cycle and future cycles?

Cycle 3/4 leads right up to Eden Dora Trust’s second birthday, and we really want to give them the best present ever. The 1-1-1 Cause makes that much easier; just one fan, one shirt, one big difference. This will likely be our last cycle (at least for a while), and so we want to raise as much money for Eden Dora Trust as possible!

How can everyone support your effort?

There are three basic ways to support DDCAFP: donate, support, and represent

Donate: This is really the biggest thing and most important thing anyone can do. Ordering an exclusive DDCAFP MITAM-inspired shirt is a donation to Eden Dora Trust. Another great thing a lot of supporters are doing is gifting shirts to others. As I mentioned before, in the first two cycles, supporters donated shirts to the band, some of their friends and family. We are hoping that the same continues with Cycle 3/4. We’ve already had a few shirts gifted this cycle and we hope the pattern continues. People can also make separate donations to EDT via our website.

 Support & Represent: Be proud to be a DDCAFP supporter! Include our information on your Twitter page, invite your friends, family and mutuals to get involved! A retweet or tag/mention goes a long way to getting the word out about DDCAFP. The more people who know, the more people who can get involved, donated and help raise funds and awareness for EDT.

The buzz around DDCAFP is really picking up; Johannah Deakin noticed one of our videos, and The Inquistr also ran an article on us. We’re hoping that the buzz translates into orders and that people can see what we are trying to accomplish. We want to give Adult Directioners a voice and outlet, and we want to give all Directioners a way to showcase their 1D pride, and give back. Cycle 3/4 ends February 20th, so we hope people join with us to donate, support and represent! All it takes is one!

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