#CreativeFanSpotlight with Wanderlust Fandom

Meet the lovely ladies of Wanderlust Fandom! We connected with Allyson and Brittney through Twitter (doesn’t everyone?) and found their pretty awesome custom made jewelry Etsy shop. We’re featuring them this week on #CreativeFanSpotlight.

So let’s get started! Hello ladies!

How did you two meet and start your account? 

We met at work actually; Brittney is a photographer and Allyssa is a makeup artist! We worked on several shoots together and quickly became best friends. Allyssa took her little sister to OTRA San Diego for her 21st birthday and wanted something to commemorate that show, so Brittney, who has been making an assortment of jewelry for over 12 years, made us our show necklace! Then our friend Jordan went to OTRA Kansas city and wanted one too. From there, it just kind of took off and we started receiving requests from social media asking for specific tour dates and decided to create a line of jewelry for the One Direction fandom!


5SOS Mixed Tape Necklace

How did you two each become fans of One Direction? 

Our friend Jordan has actually been following One Direction since the X Factor days. She was always sharing videos and songs with us. Fast forward to two years later and we both own every album and have been to two tours. The fact that they make such great music and have fantastic and hilarious personalities really made us jump head first into the fandom and want to support everything the boys did.


No Control Necklace

What other fandoms are you a part of? 

Neither one of us are strangers to boy band fandom. Brittney has been a life long Hanson fan and I was a huge Jonas Brothers girl! We’re huge American Horror Story fans actually! (Allyssa is for sure guilty of getting Brittney into that.) Teen Wolf has become a fast favorite! After receiving so many special requests for jewelry with quotes from the show, we had to do our research, and as it turns out it’s the best show we weren’t watching! (Now we do, religiously.)


AHS Normal Things Necklace

How did the idea of custom made jewelry come up? 

The idea came from us feeling frustrated that there wasn’t any fan merchandise geared towards the 18 and over crowd. Everywhere we looked, no matter what website we looked on, everyone was selling merch that had out of date photos of the boys, and was either full of rhinestones or too obviously blaring “I LOVE ONE DIRECTION”.  We are 27 and 32 and thought , “What would I wear?” Older fans have always seemed to get left out from any band fandom since the beginning of time! (I know that seems exaggerative, but we were irritated), so henceforth Wanderlust Fandom was born!


One Direction OTRA Tour Necklace

What is the process of making your jewelry? 

The idea initially started with our OTRA show pieces, then our next thought was to put our favorite lyrics on some as well. Since then, we have had a lot of fan submissions about their favorite lyrics/phrases from the boys. In order to actually create the jewelry we use a variety of mixed metals, brass, copper, aluminum, etc. We visually sketch out a design, and then each piece is individually hand stamped letter by letter. After that, we rivet the pieces of each item together. This provides a much stronger bond than glue. Everything is then packaged up in its own jewelry box with a handwritten letter from us thanking each person who ordered, and sent out! 


Not All Who Wander Are Lost necklace

What are your favorite pieces that you’ve made? 

Brittney My favorite is from our One Direction collection. Its a series that we call “Rep your Fav”, where each piece represents one of the boys. These are unique because they are our only pieces that don’t have stamped words. Instead they feature subtle layered metal designs and charms that are a nod to a significant tattoo on one of the lads….unless you are Niall Horan, in which case, the necklace made in your honor will be adorned with a guitar!


‘Rep Your Fav’ Necklaces 

Allyssa My favorite is from our Teen Wolf collection. The villains of this season were the Dread Doctors, who have a very steampunk aesthetic. We were able to meet up with Caitlin Dechelle, who plays The Geneticist, and custom make a necklace for that character and give it to her! It’s a more large scale piece created with steampunk gears and sits a little higher up on the neck, so it’s a bit more edgy than our other necklaces, which falls in line with my personality for sure.


The Geneticist necklace

What is your favorite thing about having the shop? 

Connecting with fans around the world. Learning what inspires the girls and what is close to their hearts and why. When they order a piece of jewelry, the lyrics that they want are always important to them and its touching to get to connect with other fans on such a personal level.


Fools Gold necklace

What is the most important thing you want to do with your shop? 

We want to say how important it was to us to make our merchandise affordable for all age groups! International shipping became a quick must since the boys are such a global phenomenon. We aim to respond and stay extremely interactive with our clients to help them create custom pieces that they want as well. We want to continue that close relationship as our business grows. Our business motto really is “Custom jewelry for anyone who is a fan of anything”  We will create jewelry for any fandom that will have us!


Custom One Direction Jewelry Box

What does fandom mean to you?

Fandom means community to us. The internet is a big place and being able to share and keep up to date on Twitter, tumblr, and Instagram of the goings on with other people who love the same music and TV shows you do is fun and full of joy and sometimes downright funny! Being in the One Direction fandom has led to many new friends, collective hilarity, and endless inside jokes between us and the boys, such as #ohnoniall and ‘No Fooking way’. We look forward to whatever funny and special moment happens next.


One Direction #OhNoNiall necklace


You can find Wanderlust Fandom’s Etsy shop here.

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