Coachella Weekend One: Music Sets

As most of you probably know, the first weekend of Coachella just came to a sad close. So many incredible artists performed, including some of my all time favorite artists; Ellie Goulding, James Bay, and The 1975— just to name a few. Each of these artists gave an incredible performance at Coachella, and I’ve seen nothing but good things being said from people who were actually there.

On Friday, Ellie Goulding kicked off the weekend with an amazing performance. She performed a lot of her popular songs such as “I Need Your Love,” “Burn,” “On My Mind,” and “Love Me Like You Do.” She wore an all white outfit which looked amazing with all of the colored lights behind her.

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The highlight of her set though was definitely her stripped down version of her song “Lights.” This is one of my favorite songs by Ellie and the videos from Coachella just blew me away.

This may be one of the most masculine things I've ever said but Ellie was incredible last night. #coachella

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Day 2 of Coachella was blessed with James Bay’s performance. He opened his set with his song “Collide” and from there, sang most of my favorite songs of his such as “Scars” and “Best Fake Smile.”

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Of course he also sang his two most popular songs “Let it Go” and “Hold Back the River.” I watched James’ full set and it honestly blew me away. He has so much talent and I’m so happy he’s becoming more well known.

Hold back the river… 🎶🎶🎶 #JamesBay #Coachella

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As The 1975 always do, they gave an incredible performance on the last day of Coachella. They performed an even mix of songs from their first and second albums, including “Chocolate,” “Girls, “If I Believe You,” and “The Sound.”

So much fun dancing to @the1975 with @loo_litaa #the1975 #coachella2016

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It seemed like everyone on social media adored their performance, which is to be expected because The 1975 always gives it 120%. I still have yet to see them in concert (but I hopefully will this summer), so I live vicariously though other peoples’ videos.

Once again, the music at Coachella was fabulous. No matter what your taste in music is, I feel like everyone could enjoy many of the artists that were at the festival. Weekend two should hopefully be just as incredible, and I cannot wait to see videos from some of the best artists from today’s generation!

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