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You may have already come across one of Trekstock’s campaigns—though they are a UK-based organization, their messaging has reached people across the globe, through patrons and ambassadors like Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Mark Ronson, Ella Woodward, Henry Holland and Gemma Cairney. Whether or not your familiar with these ambassadors’ involvement in raising funds for Trekstock, we hope this week’s Charity Circle spotlight gives you a better view of the organization and all of the wonderful work it does.

Trekstock was founded in 2006 by Sophie Epstone in order to support a close friend who had cancer. Sophie decided to go on a trek in order to raise money to help her friend, and very soon after, Trekstock was born. The ultimate goal of Trekstock is to support young adults in the United Kingdom through their battles with cancer. As there were no programs or services dedicated specifically for them, Trekstock was begun in the hopes of changing that.

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On their site, Sophie had this to say about the organization: “We are committed to engaging every young adult affected by cancer in the UK with support and information designed specifically for them. Whether it’s advice and guidance on the impact of treatments on plans to start a family, or providing access to cancer rehabilitation specialists who can help them return to physical activity regardless of their limitations, Trekstock will strive to meet their needs.”

In 2009, Sophie left her career in Marketing & Design in order to take on running Trekstock full time. Since then, the charity has developed a strong support network for young adults across the UK who are battling cancer. Part of that network has come to include the Young Person’s Network and their Young Person’s Panel. The panel’s group of young adults apply their personal experiences with cancer to assist in developing the various types of support that Trekstock delivers to other young adults. 

Though they are a team of only six, including Serge the dog Concierge, they have made big waves across the UK and internationally, with many taking their own treks to help raise money for the organization.

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Very often, Trekstock teams up with famous supporters in order to help fundraise through the site Prizeo, most notably with the members of One Direction and YouTuber Zoella. Donations to these campaigns include entries into a prize, which often include time spent with the celebrity, or other runner up prizes such as signed merchandise.

Trekstock is still young and growing, but the devotion and support it shows to young adults living with cancer in the United Kingdom is nothing short of extraordinary.

You can follow Trekstock on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and you can check out their website for more information on this amazing charity.

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