Best of Fuller House

After nearly 21 years, Full Fuller House is back! The family that everyone wanted to be a part of is bigger and the notorious San Francisco home just got fuller. Netflix is the real hero to thank for hosting such a lovable series and allowing us to binge watch all 13 episodes in one sitting.  Though it may be cheesy, it exceeded all of my expectations and made me giggle… a lot. I was also taken back to the “good ole days” a few times too by flashbacks that made me go “aww” and phrases that rang a bell. There’s quite a bit to love about the show, but I condensed my list to give you the best of Fuller House. 

The couch
It’s evident that the living room was updated; I’m just glad the couch stayed. It would be a shame to get rid of such a gem. The blue couch has so many memories, from first kisses to breakups to laughter and tears, it’s seen it all.  

Many references
There are so many references made about the cast (or lack of) throughout each episode— you can’t help but to laugh at each dig.


Okay, I’ll admit I cried a few times because I was overcome with joy— I let it all out during this scene in particular:

I’m not crying, you’re crying!


Max Fuller
This kid is full of life and he’s crazy intelligent. I want a little sassy Max of my own.


Cool Aunt
Move over Uncle Jessie, Stephanie Tanner is the cool aunt now. She’s there to give advice, but she’s also there to DJ your birthday parties; it’s a win-win situation.

Kimmy Gibbler
What would Fuller House be without Kimmy Gibbler? Yep, she’s still the same ole Kimmy except….older.



DJ and Steve
Sadly, DJ and Steve’s high school romance didn’t last, but who’s to say it won’t last now that they’re more mature?! I remember watching Full House when I was younger and just being in awe of their relationship ship because let’s face it, they’re goals. fullerhouse3


Season 1 was such a success that season 2 is already in the works! There’s no set date on when it’s going to premiere on Netflix, but I can already promise that I’ll be binge watching the entire season in one sitting again. There’s no place like home when you’re with the Tanners… and Fullers… and Gibblers.

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