Bear’s Den: An Introduction

Bear’s Den is a British alternative-indie band from London. They haven’t gained as much attention overseas as I believe they deserve. So here I am, hypothetically shouting from the rooftops proclaiming my love for them.

The original band consists of 3 members Andrew Davie, Joey Haynes and Kevin Jones. In February of this year, it was announced with a heavy heart, Joey had left the band. They created great music in the four years they had as a trio and Bear’s Den is still remaining together without him. Kevin and Andrew are forging ahead in the studio with new music coming soon. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

I had the pleasure to see Bear’s Den live this past summer when they played at the Squamish Valley Music Festival in British Columbia. I had never heard of them so I had no interest in checking out their show, but then when I went to the Mumford and Sons show they invited Bear’s Den on stage to sing a song together and I was blown away. I proceeded to check out their show after and then immediately bought their debut album Islands. 

For being such a small band they have such a full and beautiful sound with astounding lyrics; I fell in love so fast. It is the perfect music to put on full blast in your headphones and completely block out all that’s wrong in the world.

As I wait patiently for more music to be released, I’ll share some of my favourite songs with you.

Great, right? Now go forth and listen to them on Spotify or iTunes and be sure to follow them on Twitter.

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