Artist Spotlight: Andrew McMahon

Ok, so I know I’m a little late to the party here, but I just discovered Andrew McMahon. I was never big into Something Corporate (for those of you in the dark, like me, he was the singer of the popular early-2000s emo/alt rock band), and certainly had never heard of his second project, Jack’s Mannequin, until now. He currently has a semi-popular hit, “Cecilia and the Satellite,” with his latest incarnation, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness. I heard this song on the radio, immediately fell in love with it and decided to delve a little deeper into his catalog. Now, I’m hooked. I LOVE his music.

Musical Beginnings: Something Corporate
McMahon was a founding member of the southern California band, which came together in 1998. In 2001, the band released an EP, Audioboxer, to modest success on the alternative chart. Their official major label debut, Leaving Through the Window, was released in 2002 and in 2003, their second full-length album, North, came out. After extensive touring to support those efforts, the band announced a hiatus in 2004, only to reunite briefly for one performance in 2006. Again, the band reunited in 2010 for a greatest-hits album, Played In Space… The Best of Something Corporate, which featured the hauntingly beautiful “Konstantine.” They toured that same year, but haven’t made any music or done anything as a band since.

“Konstantine” was the classic break-up/love song of the emo genre. I recently heard it for the first time from a guy I’d been seeing, and when he ended our relationship, I listened to this song on repeat, sobbing the entire time because the lyrics perfectly matched our story.

Jack’s Mannequin
Shortly after announcing Something Corporate’s hiatus, McMahon began his second project, Jack’s Mannequin. The first album, Everything in Transit, was released in 2005. He released two more albums, in 2008 and in 2011, under Jack’s Mannequin before calling it quits.

Unfortunately, just before Jack’s Mannequin’s debut album was released, McMahon was diagnosed with leukemia and was forced to cancel the group’s tour. He underwent chemotherapy, and then a stem-cell transplant, with his sister as the donor. He played his first show 100 days after the transplant on December 2, 2006, and later that year, founded the Dear Jack Foundation to raise funds for cancer research.

Andrew McMahon/Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
In 2012, he began his solo career, opening for O.A.R and fun. Two years later, he began recording under Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, and released an album of the same name in October. THIS ALBUM IS INCREDIBLE. Have a listen to my favorite track, “High Dive,” below…

Perhaps the most well-known song off the album is the single “Cecilia and the Satellite,” which McMahon wrote for his daughter Cecilia, who was born in 2013 (how sweet is this…).

McMahon toured to support this record, and I am very upset that I became a fan after the tour ended, which means I probably won’t be able to see him live for quite some time. I guess it’s better late than never to become a fan, and I’m so glad a friend turned me on to Something Corporate and McMahon.

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