Ariana Grande Finds ‘Focus’ in New Single

As the clock hit midnight and turned the day into Friday, October 30th, Ariana Grande dropped her new single, ‘Focus’, and I haven’t been able to listen to anything else since. I have been super excited for this moment, even with all of the new music coming out in the last month or so.

Ariana is never one for changing herself for a certain image and surely has no problem admitting that she is human, so that’s why I believe that this track is the perfect refinement of what she’s all about. Yes, people have written songs about how they will be themselves and will not cave to the pressure that the music industry and others put on them, but in this particular song, I felt that Ariana was making a fresh declaration. She has said before that she wants to focus on the positivity in life and see people as they truly are, herself included. Out of everything, that message shown through the most.

In her new single, she is asking the world not to focus on her in a conceited, “look at my hair, look at how I dress” type of way, but rather in a “forget about all of the fluff and fanfare and literally focus on ME” way. Focus on what I am doing and who I am rather than what I look like or who you think I may or may not be with. I think that this fairly simple concept resonates with all of us in some way. I also think that the message is seemly simple but also very complex when you get further into the issue.

The music video, which was a surprise!!, was in essence, very much “Ariana-esque”. In some ways, it was also a different look than any of her previous styles. I love that she is not afraid to try out new, instead of keeping the same theme all throughout. She still manages to keep a consistent style while still changing it up. I’m digging the new hair color, Ari! This new single is energetic, punchy and totally worth the repeat button.

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