Ariana Grande – Christmas and Chill EP Review

If you’ve been in the Grande crew for a few years, you know that Ariana releases Christmas singles during the holiday season. Usually, they are covers of Christmas songs or original songs that talk about Christmas, love, and cozying up by the fireside. Yesterday, Ari stepped up her Christmas game and dropped an entire EP of steamy, festive treats for our ears. It’s called Christmas and Chill and the songs are exactly that. Think “hot love and emotion” Drake style, add a bear skin rug and Ari’s sweet whistle tones and there you have it. It’s pretty much a Christmasy take on “netflix and chill”. Here’s my take, track by track.


The Intro is basically a melodic welcome to the EP, made catchy with Ari’s inviting tone and words, along with the electronic, techno vibe that instantly upgrades the entire EP from past ones.

Wit It This Christmas: 

Are you down for it, boy? Ari is! In this song, the lyrics are designed as Christmas themed innuendos and it’s tasty! Want some of these milk and cookies? 😉 The electro violin at the end adds a cool, unexpected twist.

December: A nod to Christmas romance, much like the theme of the entire EP. Have a Christmas list? Ari will check it off for you….  

Not Just On Christmas: Winter romance can be a temporary thing, but Ariana wants to let him know that she’s her through all of the seasons, not just Christmas. A declaration of love, this song celebrates love throughout all of the year.

True Love: You’ve heard of the 12 days of Christmas right? Well, in this song, Ari takes us through each of the 12 days with her boo, describing what her true love gave to her….. Sounds like it was a verrryyy Merry Christmas 😜

Winter Things: This one has to be my favorite, purely because I love the twangy, guitar sound showcased in this song. Ari explains to us what winter activities she will be doing with her baby, who’s in town, even despite the 100 degree weather. Said activities include ice skating, snuggling up in a cabin, and pretending that she is at the North Pole.

So what did you think? Let us know!

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