Ariana Grande Announces ‘Focus’ on Fallon Tonight

Ariana Grande had a big announcement last night! She picked the Tonight Show featuring Jimmy Fallon to drop the news of her new single, which will debut on October 30, 2015. She has yet to announce the exact time that it will hit iTunes, but we are just happy to have new music on the horizon.

Besides dropping huge news, Ari also promoted her new perfume Ari by Ariana Grande, which is available now!

ICYMI, Ariana also announced that she will be performing at Barclay’s in New York on September 26 and 27. Everyone in The Tonight Show’s audience received tickets for the New York performance. Ariana took the time to play Wheel of Musical Impressions, which might have been our favorite part, besides the fact that Ari is releasing new music.

Besides being super impressed by her vocal skills (again) and of course, Jimmy Fallon’s attempts, we got all the feels when Jimmy surprised Ariana by showing a video that Nonna sent in to the show. The video was of little Ari playing “Annie” and singing her little heart out. Totally adorable. Congrats Ariana on your new music and we can not wait to hear it!

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