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Adult coloring books have blown up. You can’t go to anywhere without entire tables being devoted to endless varieties of coloring books and infinite opportunities to scribble and scratch your stress away. I have become full blown addicted to coloring books and they have helped me make it through a particularly stressful year of university.

I have substituted my usual “Netflix before bed” for coloring and it has made a huge difference in my sleep schedule and stress levels. Instead of spending my final minutes before sleep staring at a screen, I now have a proper source of “winding down”. There is something about the mindless act of coloring that is so blissfully wonderful and quite addicting.


Here are some of my favorite colouring books I’ve added to my queue once I make it through the collection I already have going.

First, let’s start simple; Johanna Basford has a wonderful line of coloring books. They are especially great because there are no people or specifics so you don’t have to worry about what color you’re using providing a mindless stress relief. There is an Enchanted Forest Coloring Book, a Secret Garden Coloring Book and even a Lost Ocean Coloring Book. Secret Garden was the first coloring book I ever owned and it is what opened the door to the adult coloring world for me.

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Next, coloring is for stress relief, right? So what better way to relieve some stress than to bring your frustrations to life in a colorful masterpiece. Swear word coloring books allow this to happen. There are many different books that offer this including Chill the F*ck Out, which is my favorite. It allows your frustrations to become proper works of art with only one sided pages so that colors won’t bleed through and perforated pages so you can easily rip them out to hang them up around your house.

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In addition, there is even an option for people who are rather busy. As mentioned in a previous article, Apps to Help De-Stress, there is a coloring book app— Colorfy. You don’t even need your coloring book and colors or a flat surface, all you need is your phone. This allows you to fit in some coloring  stress relief anytime, anywhere.


Finally, the coloring book that has personally taken the most time out of my life is the Harry Potter Coloring Book. It is filled with scenes and characters from all seven movies. There is even a Harry Potter Magical Creatures Coloring Book, a Harry Potter: Magical Places and Characters Coloring Book, and a Harry Potter: Artifacts Coloring Book. SO MANY OPTIONS AND SO MUCH COLORING TO DO. These books are a little different though since they are scenes, you have to think about what you’re coloring a little more because you can’t have a purple harry potter talking to a green Dobby. They do, however, provide a different kind of satisfaction once you finish a page.

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What are you waiting for? Quit stressing and start coloring!

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