All The Love

“All the love” was introduced to us by Mr. Harry Styles and now it’s a salutation used quite often in the One Direction fandom – but do we really understand the depth of what “all the love” really is? Have we made this phrase one of our own because it’s quirky and it just stuck or are we really saying it because we practice what we preach?


“All the love” is a very broad phrase that can be applied in a lot of situations, by verbally speaking it or by just showing it. Some people (me!) can agree that it’s an important phrase to apply to life. Yes, I will admit to saying the phrase because it was fun and it stuck; it suddenly became routine for me to say. One day, while aimlessly roaming around with a few of my best friends in New York City, we all had an epiphany. There’s more to “all the love” than just love.

“All the love” opened up my eyes and I started seeing the world differently.

Now you’re probably thinking I started viewing the world as a Snapchat filter, but that’s not the case. The air felt lighter, I felt happier, and it seemed a lot of my problems vanished; the world became clearer. So what is “all the love” about if it’s not just love?

“All the love” is about…

…being kind.
Did you know it doesn’t cost a dime to be kind to others? *gasp* You could do as little as smile at a stranger or thank your mom for all of the things she does for, or better yet, lend her a hand every once in a while. Sometimes we get into moods and act on our emotions and lash out at people, but you never know what those people may be going through. Just think before you act or speak against others. Show others what “all the love” is.

…being accepting of others.
To spread “all the love” we should be accepting of others, no matter their race, sexuality, religion, or opinions on social issues. Just because that person may not think, act, or look like you doesn’t make them wrong and it doesn’t make you right (and vice versa). I say, let others think how they want to and let them be who they are and accept them for who they are. Hating on others isn’t cool. Imagine how boring this world would be if we were all exactly the same.

…spreading happiness.
If your goal is to spread “all the love,” one thing is for sure, being a Negative Nancy when something bothers you is not going to get the point across. Of course, we all get mad and annoyed, but living everyday in a downward facing mindset can have some serious negative effects you as a person, and on the people around you. Negative attitudes are contagious, but so is happiness. Choose to actively spread happiness. People notice how happy you are and they realize they need and want happiness too. Happiness is about having a positive attitude, trying not to let anything or anyone bring you down, and doing what you love. Be who you want to be and you’ll be happy!

I have adopted “all the love” as my life motto and, like I said earlier, the air around me is lighter and I feel free and happy. I’ve learned not to make such a big deal about the negatives in life. I’ve learned to accept and befriend those who may have different opinions than mine. I’ve also learned that being kind actually does get you far in life.  “All the love” is such an important phrase to me and I hope it become important to you too.

All the love. Always.

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I’m just a fangirl from a small town with big dreams. When I’m not going to school you will find me drooling over Niall Horan or Harry Styles, it just depends on the day. I like to think I have a witty sense of humor, but like I said, that’s just me.

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