Album Review: Justin Bieber – Purpose

The day is finally here. Justin Bieber’s comeback album Purpose is here to bless all of our ears. As a huge fan since the beginning, I’ve watched Justin grow with his music, have a bit of a rough time and lose his way, and then more recently, come to terms with everything and begin to put out some of the best music he’s made.

If you listened to the radio at all this summer, you know Justin collaborated with Skrillex and Diplo on their album, and they released ‘Where Are Ü Now’ as a single. It was the song of the summer and was heard at pool-parties and get-togethers all across the world. To continue with a similar sound, Justin released ‘What Do You Mean?’ as his first single. Since then has released ‘Sorry’ and also put a dance video for it. The video is so fun to watch and attempt to dance like the incredible dancers. All of these songs have the upbeat, fun, makes-you-wanna-dance vibe, and it’s definitely something different than Justin’s old super-pop hits. ‘Children’ is another song that feels similar, although the lyrics are a little more heartfelt.

In contrast to some of the more upbeat songs, there is also a fair share of slowed-down songs. These ones tend to have lyrics that are a little more profound, and they’re truly beautiful songs. ‘I’ll Show You’ has a music video that was filmed in Iceland, and it’s just as appealing as the song. ‘Life is Worth Living’ and ‘Purpose’ are both piano-based songs with intense, yet lovely, lyrics. I personally enjoy piano-based ballads, so these ones are definitely high up on my list of favorites.

There were also a lot of collaborations on this album with some of my favorite artists, and some artists I didn’t already know. ‘Love Yourself’ was written with Ed Sheeran and although he doesn’t sing on the song, I think he was in the studio to help with some of the harmonies. The lyrics are so beautiful in this song, and it’s definitely one of my favorites on the album. ‘No Pressure’ features Big Sean, ‘No Sense’ features Travis Scott, and ‘We Are’ features Nas. The last collaboration on the album is ‘The Feeling’ featuring Halsey and has that alternative-pop sound that is really prominent in Halsey’s music.

‘Been You,’ ‘All In It,’ and ‘Get Used To It’ are also really really really good. They’re pretty different from each other, but they’re still enjoyable. The album is really cohesive although it’s also very diverse. No matter what your music taste is, I believe you’ll be able to enjoy at least a few of these songs.

I truly think Justin’s career is going to continue on this different, yet exciting, path. I cannot to see where this new chapter of his life takes him. He also just announced a 2016 world tour for Purpose so definitely keep an eye on his website for tickets!

Purpose (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:
1. Mark My Words
2. I’ll Show You
3. What Do You Mean?
4. Sorry
5. Love Yourself
6. Company
7. No Pressure (ft. Big Sean)
8. No Sense (ft. Travis Scott)
9. The Feeling (ft. Halsey)
10. Life Is Worth Living
11. Where Are Ü Now
12. Children
13. Purpose
14. Been You
15. Get Used To It
16. We Are (ft. Nas)
17. Trust
18. All In It

Listen to it on Spotify or on buy it on iTunes!

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