Album Review: Fleur East – Love, Sax and Flashbacks

Fleur East’s debut album “Love, Sax, and Flashbacks” may find critics complaining of a lack of diversity, but unlike other artists who got their start on the X-Factor, East enters the gates with a defined and cohesive sound. Finishing runner up on 2014’s season of the X-Factor, her competition hits included massive tracks such as Uptown Funk and Girl on Fire, thus setting the bar for what was expected from her in the future.

Lead single Sax doesn’t disappoint. With a funky beat and a brass line reminiscent of the Motown days, Fleur delivers that catchy line, “…but can you play that sax?” leaving the euphemism up to listener interpretation. The sound and lyrics alike set the tone for the rest of the album.

Breakfast is an immediate favorite with that same up-tempo, just-want-to-dance feel as Sax. Breakfast brings us into the 21st century with the sassy self-proclamation “There ain’t nothin’ left on Netflix, When I’m restless I get reckless.” Making her voice known, she isn’t an easy catch and she is #1 in her own life!

“I just wanna be your baby, every day I love you more and more.” typical love song lyrics without the typically slow melody. Fleur keeps her sound full of rhythm and continues to add her signature sass, “Come on! Shut up and let me say it, we don’t need to complicate it.”

Gold Watch impresses a bit less, coming off as a filler song to complete the sound of the album, lacking what it takes to be a stand out hit on it’s own. Gold Watch follows the pattern of a fast-paced mover with a plethora of horns and percussion, but in an album full of clever comparisons and cheeky metaphors, this one just falls flat, “Boy you’re like a gold watch, putting you on and never taking you off.”

Fleur’s self empowering message returns again in Love Me or Leave Me Alone where with a combination of Janet Jackson meets modern pop-rap, she declares, “Money, diamonds, shiny things, I can get all the stuff on my own.” She displays this in her next song, Paris, where she is ordering the wine with her man on the side. “From the backseat to the bed sheets,” She’ll have you wanting to spend “Just one night in Paris” right along side her.

“Can’t take the heat, get out the kitchen.” Is a catchy enough chorus, the song is fun and not one that you’ll skip past, but in the midst of the songs around it, Kitchen can be forgettable. Over Getting Over however, is the unforgettable breakup song of the album. “No tears to cry.” ” Gonna sleep tonight.” “Not looking back, ain’t nobody got time for that.” East keeps it simple and to the point in saying, she’s “Over getting over you.”

Baby Don’t Dance, “…but he sure know how to get down.” If you know a guy whose shy on the dance floor, but cuts loose in the sheets, this song is all about him! It will have you wanting to sway your hips with your girls in the club while looking ahead to what you have waiting for you at home.

Never one to let a guy get her down, Fleur’s “…gonna dance all night” in Tears Will Dry as she refuses to cry over a guy who doesn’t appreciate what she has to offer. In case you’re not sure what she deserves, she tells you in Never Say When “I need a love that leaves me breathless” and she lets you know just what she’ll reward you with in return.

The standard edition of Love, Sax and Flashbacks closes out with East’s live version of Uptown Funk from last seasons X-Factor Semi-finale. A performance that was so well received, it forced Bruno Mars to move up the release of his hit single for the UK market.

Unfortunately, if you live outside the UK, this album is not yet available for listen or purchase, but we hope that if you like what you see from Fleur, that you will be ready and willing to support her when she makes her way across the Atlantic and releases her music and sass to the ears of this side of the world!

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