A Whole Lot of History

All was quiet in the world this morning until the music video for a little song called History was dropped out of nowhere, in true One Direction style. As the first single and music video the band has dropped since starting their hiatus, and as the proclaimed anthem of the fandom, “History” carries a great deal of meaning for both the band and its fans.


Needless to say, when the Vevo link was released, the One Direction fandom went a little nuts. We won’t describe the chaos that ensued at the Trendom offices… what can we say, we fangirl hard over our four favorite laddy lads.


Yeah, so that happened…


‘History’ is a song that we hold close to our hearts, and always will, if we’re being honest. It’s a love song between the fandom and the band, reassuring us that the bond we have is special and that they won’t be ditching us anytime soon—something we all needed to hear after Zayn left, and most certainly after it was announced that they would be taking some well deserved time off from their non-stop schedule of album-promo-tour-rinse-and-repeat.

Sure, having some down time between world tours and albums is normal for a music artist, but with the pace these boys have been on for the past five years, we’ve become used to having constant, on-demand access to them. Can’t blame us for having a slight freak out when we learned that pace was going to take a pause for a while. *screams ‘we love you and we miss you and we can’t wait to see you on tour again!!!’* For that reason, the 1D fandom knew the music video for “History” would be sentimental, but we didn’t quite imagine it’d be this sentimental. Within the 3 minutes and 15 seconds of the video, we get exactly what the song calls for: History.

It starts off with footage from the band’s very beginning when Simon Cowell told them their fate, as a new group act in the X-Factor competition. *cue tears*


Fast forward to the end and we’re at present day. The five that started the journey together have now become four, and in place of boys we now see men. *sobs*


In between the two, the video takes us on a journey through a time capsule of never before seen clips of the boys as they toured the world several times over and grew into the megastars they are today. We get everything from the fetus days, to clips from past tours, emotional fans in the crowd, a montage of all of their music videos,  and even Zayn—a huge part of their history as a band. We’re not sure we’ll ever recover from the last scene in the video; an emotional metaphor, as we see Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall waving ‘see ya again soon’ to each other and then parting separate ways—this is not the end. 



Always quick to the punch, the powerful One Direction fandom got the hashtag #1DHistoryVideo trending in no time, all while watching the video on repeat, spazzing out in group texts and fully fangirling on Twitter with a string of ALL CAPS TWEETS—talk about multitasking!

Same, girl. Same.

If you haven’t yet seen the video (um….. really? what have you been doing with your life??) check it out below. Quick tip: grab a box of tissues first.


Now that you’re crying along with us, we don’t feel so alone. We couldn’t have asked for a better parting gift from the lads as they make their temporary exit from the stage. What a memorable homage to the fandom we call home! Now let’s let these boys men enjoy their break, and remember that this is not the end! It’s not so much of a ‘goodbye’ as it is a ‘see you later.’ Or, you know, a ‘see you on our computer screens forever and ever as we play this video on repeat until you come back from hiatus…’

Want more? ‘Course you do! Check out our favorite moments from the “History” music video here!

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