8 Reasons You Should Keep a Journal in College

Keeping a journal sounds so silly, especially when you’re a super busy college student just trying to make it through the day. Regardless of limited time, it can be really helpful to just throw your thoughts down in a journal to get things off of your mind. From personal experience, I’ve found that keeping a journal during my short time in college has helped me immensely with organizing my thoughts. These are 8 reasons you should think about having a journal in college:

  1. Stress Relief
    College. The word just sounds stressful, right? A journal can be an outlet to relieve many of your stresses. Many therapists and psychiatrists highly recommend using a daily journal as a way to cope with stress in your life. So the same thing applies in college!Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.41.24 AM

2. Clear Your Mind
Putting things on paper and seeing it in front of you can help free your thoughts. I know many people who have found it useful to just write about their day so they can have a clear conscience for awhile. In college this is vital because our minds are constantly going and filled with things, so writing in a journal helps to clear our minds for a little while.

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3. Keeping Track of Your Goals
A journal is a great way to keep track of your goals. Keeping a visual list of goals is known to help you work harder to achieve them. In college, we all have one goal: to graduate. There are other small goals we work towards as well, such as doing well on a science exam or finishing a research paper by 2 a.m. Seeing your goals on paper and adding/subtracting to and from the list can help a lot.

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4. Expression
We all have a way to express ourselves. Some of us choose fashion, others choose dance. In college, we are all very diverse and are surrounded by many forms of expression. Another great way to continue self-expression is through journaling. The journal is yours and yours only.

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5. Self Discovery
“You’ll discover yourself in college.” Everyone has heard this phrase at some point in their life before moving up to the world outside of high school. Journaling can sometimes help with that process. On a personal note, I have found that looking back through my journal entries has given me some “Wow. I’ve grown and changed in a really good way” moments. It is really intriguing and exciting to see yourself be challenged and grow, and sharing these moments on paper is a great way in doing so.

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6. Healthy Way to Let Out Emotions
Keeping a journal can be a way to let out any emotions that are bundled up inside. For us fangirls, this is a great way to let out our emotions about Harry’s tummy, for example. On the serious side, college can be a bit much at times, and letting out emotions through writing is a healthy way to keep a good mindset.

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7. Record-keeping
Time flies, so why not journal about everything that happens in college? It is a time of new friends, new experiences, etc., having a record of events and important things that have happened during your time in college is a wonderful excuse to start keeping a journal.

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8. It Can Be Fun!
College is supposed to be fun! There are always opportunities on campus to participate in fun things, but believe it or not, keeping a journal can be fun. You can decorate it, put glitter all over it, customize it with photos and so much more. Many people like to color-code their days in their journals. Make journaling something to be excited about!


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