6 Feel Good Hits We Can’t Take off Repeat

Music can make a day infinitely better, so why not get a few recommendations from the Trenders on what to listen to? Here’s the 6 songs you should be jamming to right now!

Can’t Stop the Feeling- Justin Timberlake
Okay, everyone who’s heard this song has loved it right from the beginning. The beat is catchy, the mood is upbeat and JT’s voice is as good as ever— why wouldn’t you jam along?

Electric Love- BORNS
His voice is so sultry and smooth— tell me the chorus won’t get stuck in your head! I catch myself humming and singing this song almost daily. It’s beautifully catchy and completely perfect in every way.

Dancing on the Sun- Bahari
This song is the epitome of a top-down, beachy, summer jam. This American girl trio have stylized pop music that will get you in just the right mood for a sunny afternoon or a long road trip! Check them out before the blow up because we have no doubt here at Trendom that these girls are the next big thing!

Ophelia- The Lumineers
Wesley’s vocals have always hit my heartstrings, ever since the popular song “Ho! Hey!” Came out a few years ago. The Lumineers’ new album, Cleopatra, has many great tunes— including this folky hit. It’s folky, it’s pop, it’s a love song, what else could you need?

Wilder Mind- Mumford and Sons
Mumford’s most recently released album took a completely new turn for the band- and with that a brand new way to jam out. This song, which is the album’s namesake, is a complete and total tune. As in typical Mumford-fashion, the lyrics are complete genius and the melody will be stuck with you for days. Definitely worth checking out!

Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve
Who says we have to pick newer songs? This jam, straight out of the 90’s, is a solid feel-good hit perfect for any summer day. Whether you’re on a road trip or laying by the pool, this catchy melody and strings combo will set the mood. Who am I kidding? This song is perfect in the dead of winter too. Trust me, you need this song in your life.

If you follow us on Spotify, you’ll notice that a few of these songs have either been or are on our playlist now.

Go ahead! Take some time and check out these hits and soon you’ll be rocking your way through the summer!

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