5 Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Home

Spring technically began over a month ago, but it hasn’t really felt like spring until this past week. Long gone are the clouds and rain, and the sun is here to (hopefully) stay. There are a bunch of little things to do to in your home, apartment or bedroom to make the inside feel as beautiful and warm as the outside!

Buy colorful pillows
One way to dress up a couch or a bed is decorative pillows. Put away the neutrals until the fall, and break out the fun colors. Spring and summer is a time to get creative with decor, and pillows are a perfect way to do that.

Cut some fresh flowers
This is my favorite spring touch. We have a huge lilac bush in my backyard so my dad is always cutting down some fresh ones to display in our house. They smell absolutely amazing and look gorgeous!


Light scented candles
Liven up your home’s smell using candles. Fresh, natural scents are my favorite, but I also love really fruity scents. I’ve recently been loving this lemon-scented candle from¬†Aria Bella Candles.

Redecorate Your Space
This goes along with getting colorful pillows, but your decorating doesn’t need to stop there! Changing out curtains, picture-frames, rugs or other decorative pieces give your home a fresh new look. If you have the time, you can even try some DIYs to add a more personal touch to your space.

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Open the windows
There is no better smell than fresh cut grass and crisp air. Opening the windows on a nice spring day makes you feel like you’re outside enjoying the sun and wind, even if you’re inside studying for finals.

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