2015 Fall Fashion Guide

Mmmm… Fall is finally in the air! It’s my favorite season, not just for the Pumpkin Spice lattes or scary movie marathons, but also for the fashion. It’s that perfect time of year where you don’t freeze your bum off or sweat until you’re a puddle on the hot ground. You can finally show off  that cute top without having to cover it up with a bulky ol’ coat or you can finally pair up those chic new boots with a comfy pair of denim jeans! But if you’re anything like me, you’re probably standing in front of your closet wondering what to wear because you threw out all of last years clothes that aren’t in style anymore and now you don’t know where to begin. Don’t fret it though! I came up with 11 different outfits that will look great on anyone this fall!

1. Red red WINE
Wine is my favorite color and I’m convinced it’s perfect for every season, but truthfully it’s perfect for fall. You could either buy a shirt (as shown in the picture) or even a pair of wine colored pants. If you’re going to wear the wine shirt, try to avoid pairing it with blue jeans, stick with black bottoms. And if you decide to go with the wine bottoms, I suggest a white tee with chambray button up to go over it!


2. I got STRIPES, stripes round my shoulders
Stripes and the color olive have been quite trendy this year so I thought why not put the two together. I paired the outfit with a pair of ankle boots, but you could also try a stylish sneaker! 

3. So let me hold both your hands in the holes of my SWEATER
For you ladies who like to keep it sporty, Adidas shoes with a floral print are the way to go. Pair that with a statement sweater and baggy jeans, you’re sure to feel comfy, but fashionable.

4. It was all YELLOW
For this outfit, I decided to play with bold colors a bit. Mustard, navy, and wine complement each other so well that you can’t go wrong with the combo of the 3. AND if you’re daring to step out of you box even more, I suggest a fur vest on a colder day.

5. And I guess that’s why they call it the BLUES
I’m a bit of a rebel so I like to break the rules and I was wondering how on earth I could do that in this situation. Then it came to me, why don’t I experiment with a not-so-traditional fall color? When I came across this long sleeved romper, I knew I had to break another rule. However, I made up for the broken rules by finding a statement necklace and a pair of tights, which are both optional.

6. Give to me your LEATHER, take from me my lace
So these pants aren’t leather, but they are a wax denim. They are much more comfortable and cheaper too! If you’re going with the bold jean, stay with a simple sweater, but accessorize with a bold necklace!

7.  These little black SANDALS are walking me away
Whether you live in a warmer climate or you don’t care for boots, you can still wear sandals! Since it is fall, I suggest going for a neutral color sandal. As you can see, I chose a more bohemian tunic to match the bohemian vibe of the sandals. To make this outfit stand out more, try a bold color purse, such as the canary yellow one below.

8. I love ROCK n’ roll
Vintage band tees are always cool, but how do you make a it “fall-y?” Easy! A denim jacket. Or even better, a vintage denim jacket. Put away your white converse that you wore every day in the summer and pull out your darker colored converse. To add color to your outfit, avoid wearing black sneakers or find a colored vintage band tee.

9. Let’s drink to the salt of the EARTH
You can never go wrong with earthy tones in the fall. I love every piece of this outfit that I can’t choose a single item to focus on. The creme sweater allows the simple beaded jewelry to stand out along with the hat and the olive colored ankle boots. To keep up with the earthy feel, wear any type of skinny blue jean.

10. Don’t you step on my blue SUEDE shoes
Suede has made quite the comeback this year and I am all for it! There are suede boots, suede jackets, and my personal favorite, suede dresses. The dress I chose below has a different neckline so I wouldn’t recommend wearing a necklace with it, but if your suede dress has a clean neck line try accessorizing with a simple necklace. I paired the bold dress with a bold color of tights (which are optional). As for the shoes, I only encourage you to wear ankle boots with it.

And for my personal favorite of the bunch…

11. But I’m not done yet, falling for your fool’s GOLD
Gold this, gold that, gold everything. Gold is the perfect compliment for fall and your wardrobe; as are pleated skirts, fuzzy sweaters, and loafers. This outfit is the ULTIMATE fall outfit. I topped the outfit off with a cool fedora to keep your head warm and just because it made the outfit a bit more chic. If you don’t like the pleated skirt or fuzzy sweater, you could always wear a plain skirt and replace the fuzzy sweater with a t-shirt, long sleeve or short sleeve. Or, if you like the skirt and the sweater, but don’t care for the loafers, then you can swap the loafers out with a casual ankle boot!

To find out where to get these outfits from, or to see more outfits I have put together, check out my profile on Polyvore!

Here’s to the Fall of 2015…I hope the season is filled with fun and fashion!

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