10 Years Since High School Musical: A Look Back


Ten years ago, High School Musical premiered on Disney Channel and 7.7 million viewers entered the halls of East High. With two more movies and a concert tour, not to mention the millions of dollars worth of merchandise sold, High School Musical proved to be one of the defining franchises of the twenty-first century to date.

With the love story between Troy and Gabriella, the drama caused by Sharpay and Ryan, and the fun, laughs, tears, and excitement, we can’t believe that ten years have passed since the first movie premiered. Here are some of our favorite moments from the first film:

Start of Something New


When we first met Troy and Gabriella at the ski lodge, and it sparked a relationship of a lifetime. (Not to mention Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens’ real life romance that lasted for years and broke the hearts of many when it ended.)

When Gabriella showed us that being smart was cool.


Smart, pretty, nice, and dating Troy Bolton? Gabriella was the perfect example of a girl who used her smarts for good.

When Chad proved that ball really was life:


Did you ever see this guy without a basketball? No. He was dedicated to the game.

When Troy & Gabriella totally killed their audition without even knowing they were auditioning …

This feeling’s like no other, I want you to know …

When Disney Channel found its own plot hole: 


On a special edition of the film, Disney annotated certain scenes with fun facts about the making of the film. In this scene, however, they call out Troy for checking his watch when there isn’t one on his wrist. Savage move, Disney.

When the East High squad pulled off one of the best undercover missions ever to get Troy and Gabriella to their final audition.


Math competition and state basketball championship all on the same day and at the same time as their final audition? No problem, the crew set it up so that Gabriella’s math competition ended early and Troy was able to bust a move on stage during halftime of the game. Good work, Wildcats.

And last but not least, when East High won the state championship and then broke out into one of the best musical dance numbers of our time.


You still remember the dance, I know you do.

What are your favorite memories from High School Musical? Let us know in the comments below!

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