10 Winter Wardrobe Staples For Under $50 Each

If you live in an area like me, you can get snow anytime between October and April. This means that you have to be prepared to go to school when its 30 degrees and come home when it’s 60. For those in need of a winter wardrobe, I put together a list of staples that will work no matter where you live.

1.) I know it would feel like Infinity (Scarf)

A scarf is essential to keep you warm when that winter wind is whipping through your backyard. Another plus is that you don’t need to put one on when you go up-it looks great over a shirt and peeking out through your jacket.


pink scarf

This muted shade of pink in a scarf is not as popular as say, Fuchsia or Hot Pink, meaning you will stand out (in a good way!) This scarf is from Forever 21 and only costs $7! I would stick to the basic and dark colors on this one-white, gray, black, and navy.

white scarf 2

This white one is from Wet Seal is $12.90, and will go with virtually anything in your closet.

2.) These Boots are made for walking…

No Winter Wardrobe would be complete without a pair of boots. They are perfect for pairing with dresses during the winter because they cover way more of your legs than a pair of heels or flats would. Winter means snow, and snow means ice, so I would stay away from boots with heels to decrease your chances of slipping while you’re running in between classes. Black Boots

These black boots are from Kohls and are only $49.99. Black is a universal color, so they will look good with anything from your skirt and tights to jeans and a sweater. They don’t have a high heel, so they should keep you from falling on the ice.

brown combat

These brown combat boots from Wet Seal are $27.90. I personally love combat boots with jeans and a flowy top.


3.) Sweater Weather

Sweaters are another wardrobe item that immediately pop into my head when I hear that cold weather is coming. The long sleeves will keep you warm, but you won’t pass out from a heat stroke. Think of them as wearable blankets.

White sweater

I love the lace detail on this $12.95 sweater from Love Culture. It would look great over a solid-color skirt or a pair of jeans.

blue sweater

This turquoise sweater from H&M is only $24.99.

4.) I wanna lend you my Coat

These should go without saying. While you would need a much heavier coat if you plan on going skiing or snowboarding, we all need one that will keep us warm on the way to work or school that doesn’t look like we just came off the slopes.

gray wool coat

Forever 21 has this adorable gray jacket for only $44.03. Its made of wool, so you know it will keep you warm. The neutral color and simplicity of the design adds to the appeal.

other jacket

This Faux Leather Moto Jacket is from Wet Seal and is $39.90. It combines comfort and cool to give a jacket that is perfect for day or night.


5.) I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and a Cardigan

Cardigans are perfect for cold weather because they’re essentially a light sweater and jacket in one. They provide warmth and can dress down an outfit. They also give you an extra layer when you want to wear your favorite summer dress in the dead of winter.

gray cardigan

H&M has this warm sweater cardigan for only $24.99 and it would work with almost anything because of it’s neutral print and color.

Blue Cardigan

This Boyfriend Cardigan from Kohls is $24.99.


6.)  Hold Tight

Tights allow you to wear your favorite dress or skirt without freezing your petunias off. They also make you look more formal, so if you have a fancy NYE party to go to, try putting on a pair of tights or stockings underneath your outfit.


These universally-flattering opaque tights are just $7.90 from Wet Seal. They are print-free, so they’re appropriate for the office Christmas party and dinner with the boyfriend’s parents.

red tights

These red tights from Forever 21 are only $5.90 and will provide a pop of color to your wardrobe.


7.) Wear my Hat

Sometimes your outfit is missing key piece. Hats are a great way to pull all the aspects of an outfit together. They keep your head warm and block out the sun, which let’s face it: can be worse in the winter than in the summer.

tan hat

This adorable camel wool hat from H&M is $24.99 and would look perfect with jeans and a loose, flowy top. The wide brim will block out the reflection of the sun off the snow.

navy hat

This cable knit hat from Wet Seal is only $10.90 and will keep you warm on your walks between classes. It’ so cute that you don’t need to take it off and risk hat hair.


8.) Standing in a nice Dress, staring at the sunset babe

While it’s nice to wear your summer dress in all season, long or 3/4 sleeve dresses are more practical for winter. They provide warmth while making you look like you put a ton of effort in to look good when you really didn’t.

red dress

This Forever 21 dress is $24.90 and is a simple option that will keep you fairly warm in class and on a date.

gray dress

Wet Seal has this comfy yet sexy sweater dress for $26.90.


9.) You said you liked my Cobain Shirt

Like most of the items on my list, long sleeve shirts are essential because they keep you from freezing. The second one may not keep you as toasty as the first one, but it is certainly better than a tank top or short-sleeve.

striped 1

This ribbed jersey top is $17.99 from H&M and should be an item that everyone has in their closet. The classic lines provide a visual interest to any outfit with solid colors.


This $19.90 graphic blouse from Forever 21 is a great option for staying classy and sophisticated. The print is in basic colors, so it will go with everything from your black skirt and tights to dark colored jeans.

10.) Don’t let the Colors fade to gray

Denim jeans are a year-round wardrobe staple, but the bland landscape during winter calls for a bit of color. The muted colors are perfect for those who don’t want to stand out a lot but want to try something new.

green pants

These $29.95 olive green skinnies from Love Culture are a more subtle way to add color to your wardrobe. They’re an earthy color and would look amazing with black, brown, or white.

gray jeans

Forever 21 has these high-waisted, gray skinny jeans that are only $29.90 and will take any outfit to the next level. You could wear a cropped sweater or a long cardigan to balance out the length.

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